Lighthouse Labs is thrilled to announce the launch of our new course: Blockchain for Developers! This 12-week, part-time course is designed for professional developers looking to gain skills in the exciting, emerging field of blockchain. Below we’ve included all the details you need to know about this new course offering.


Why Teach Blockchain?

We created the Blockchain for Developers course with one philosophy above all: developers learn best as a community; that everyone has something to learn from their peers. Students will spend three months exploring blockchains from a variety of angles. They will research, read, discuss, and write about big concepts and ideas. They will spend a lot of time coding, practicing, experimenting, and building hands-on projects.

Even if you’re not familiar with blockchain, you’ve probably heard about it along with other industry “buzzwords” like cryptocurrency and bitcoin. When developing this course, we didn’t want to just jump onto the hot cryptocurrency bandwagon. Instead, we decided to develop and teach this course for the following reasons:

  1. There is a huge opportunity in the job market for experienced developers who have training and experience in blockchain. There has also been a surge in well-funded blockchain startups who are looking for talent to fuel their growth.
  2. Developing for the blockchain is not a skill that lends itself well to independent or sporadic learning. The challenge in teaching or learning in the blockchain space is the rapid pace at which it is evolving. We have developed this course under the advisement of numerous industry experts and structured the curriculum to allow for continuous change.
  3. While working full-time as a developer, it can be difficult to add something as challenging as developing for the blockchain to your skill set. We have structured the delivery of this course to provide employed developers with an intensive and accelerated learning journey that dives deep into the understanding of distributed ledger technologies along with how and when to develop with them.

Who is This Course For?

We’ve designed the Blockchain for Developers course specifically for professional developers whether they are junior, intermediate, or senior level. If you have a keen interest in blockchain and at least some dev experience, this could be the course for you.

What is the Course Format?

This part-time course will be run in-person, during evenings and will include group discussions, lectures, mentorship, and project-based learning. Many of our discussions will be fireside chats to really get those creative juices flowing! Of course, some of the course work will include self directed work and projects for students, but they are expected to bring findings and research back to the classroom for discussion.

Here’s what you should expect from the course format:

Agile but structured curriculum: Our curriculum is structured to help you navigate the difficulty of learning a topic that is rapidly evolving. The course is designed as a set of modules focusing on core concepts and big ideas that are complemented by hands-on projects and tutorials incorporating the latest technologies.

In-person education and strong mentorship: You will have access to 10+ hours of mentors and industry experts per week; they will review your code, discuss your approach, and help you understand, problem-solve, and debug concepts.

Strong industry connections: Our curriculum is reviewed, vetted, and iterated by an advisory committee of industry professionals in order to ensure that it is constantly aligned with industry needs. Therefore, the curriculum is structured to help students navigate the difficulty of learning a topic that is rapidly evolving.

In the next few months you can expect to hear a lot more from us about this course and the exciting world of blockchain in general. To learn more about the Blockchain for Developers course, check out the full program page.