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Corporate Training

Level set your team's knowledge

Customized content for your team

Upgrade skills

Upgrade skills

Accelerate your tech stack migration

Tech stack your teams' needs or your projects

In-house training

In-house or on-site training

Bring our instructors in-house

Having helped and worked with companies for the last five years, Lighthouse Labs understands what it takes to build a code literate team. Our developers turned instructors have the knowledge to help skill up devs at every level. Lighthouse Labs workshops and courses combine our team's technical depth with pedagogical knowledge that result in students rapidly gaining proficiency with coding languages and best practices. With locations across Canada, we are able to service companies anywhere, anytime.

Corporate Training
Corporate Training

What We Offer

In-House or On-Site Training

Our instructors and mentors will deliver in-house training so your team does not have to travel.

Customized curriculum

Customize the course content based on: your tech stack, your teams needs, or the projects you are working on.

Range of Technical Topics

With over 200 instructors, mentors, and curriculum writers nationwide, we provide depth and breadth of expertise.

Timing to Suit Your team

We understand that freeing up staff time for training can be challenging. We are happy to work with you to create a schedule that fits the needs of your team.

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