These programs are bridges that connect students to successful careers in tech. Sometimes, these bridges need more fortification, so that they’re sturdy enough to support a wider variety of journeys. With this in mind, we’re launching our Flex Scholarship initiative. These scholarships will provide selected eligible students with $3,500 to be put towards the cost of the Web Development Flex Program.

Who’s Eligible for a Flex Scholarship?

Our world has been moving through a clear trajectory where digital skills are becoming increasingly valuable to every industry across the board. In contrast, the pandemic has made certain industries a lot less stable. For those of you who have historically worked in industries that are disproportionately impacted by the recent economic upheaval, we want to help. These industries can include:

Working in an industry where there are concerns of economic stability can be a major reason to consider reskilling into tech. But maybe there’s another reason you’re looking to transition into a different career. We’d also like to help if you’re:

Whether the previous categories have resonated with you or not, we’d like to hear from you. Anyone that wants to change careers due to instability, industry anxieties, or poor career-life balance is encouraged to apply for the Flex Scholarship.

*Flex Scholarship cannot be combined with any other scholarships or discounts

How Do I Apply for a Flex Scholarship?

To apply for the Flex Scholarship, we ask that you write a letter that details your current situation and outlines why exactly changing your career is important to you. This letter should include key information like:

When applying for the Web Development Flex Program, start completing your application normally. Before submitting, a button for scholarship application will be shown. There, you can self-select and upload your letter.

The admissions process can take up to 2 weeks to be completed. Please submit your application, including scholarship letter, at least 2 weeks before the scholarship deadline. This allows enough time for our admissions team to process and review your application.

July 10 Friday, June 09
August 21 Friday, July 21
September 18 Friday, August 18
October 16 Friday, September 15

If you’re accepted into bootcamp, you’ll be notified within one week of your acceptance if you have been selected to be a recipient of the Flex Scholarship. You will then have two weeks to pay your deposit, which will confirm your spot in the program.

The intent of this scholarship is to make digital skills training as accessible and inclusive as possible. However, the limits to our resources mean that this scholarship is unfortunately not guaranteed. We understand that not receiving this scholarship may impede your ability to join bootcamp. If you’re unable to attend bootcamp, your deposit will be refunded.


How to Apply for a Scholarship

Ready to apply for a scholarship? We're excited to learn more about you and how a scholarship could support your career development. Here are your next steps:

  1. Submit your student application to apply for the program*
  2. You'll receive an email with your personal link to apply for a scholarship.
  3. Complete the scholarship application and submit your responses to determine eligibility.
  4. Complete the admissions process and begin preparing for your program.

* In order to apply for the scholarship, you will need to apply for a Lighthouse Labs program

Scholarships are awarded 3 weeks before your cohort start date.

For more details about the application and selection process, check out the FAQs.

Scholarship Recipient Spotlight

Sophie Dubois

After COVID-19 forced me home from abroad, I decided to turn my coding hobby into a new career. It was not an easy decision, but I have no regrets and am so happy I decided to dive head first and commit to this career change.

Learn more about her experience


  • How are recipients selected?

    Scholarship recipients are chosen by a selection committee, who review applicant essays independently and collate their findings to decide on successful recipients. This rotating committee is made up of staff members from across Lighthouse Labs who are passionate about education, representation, and mentorship.

    Our scholarships are merit-based, and recipients are evaluated based on their work ethic, academic record, and likelihood to succeed in the rigorous bootcamp program.

  • What if I cannot attend bootcamp without a scholarship?

    Lighthouse Labs recognizes that bootcamp is a big financial commitment and we encourage you check out this round-up of options to finance your bootcamp or this FAQ post about financing. The scholarships are not set up to be grants or bursaries and are awarded based on merit and social championing as opposed to financial need.

  • How do we identify which groups we work with?

    Lighthouse Labs recognizes that “underrepresented” is difficult to define. We approach partnerships with curiosity, and with a goal of learning more about these underserved communities and how to best provide opportunities to them. Lighthouse Labs is open to partnering with companies and organizations with a genuine interest in reducing barriers for underrepresented groups in technology in Canada.

  • How are Flex Scholarship recipients selected?

    Our scholarship committee reads through the applications thoroughly in order to decide whether a student is eligible. Scholarships are awarded on a first come, first served basis so we recommend applying early, as funding is limited. Your scholarship essay will only be considered once you have submitted your essay and been accepted into the program. No deposit is required before you know your scholarship eligibility.

  • What is the essay question?

    We share the essay questions with you once you’ve initiated the scholarship application process. They are short essay responses, designed to help you share your thoughts around representation, mentorship, and professional development.

  • How early should I apply for a scholarship?

    As soon as possible! When you submit your bootcamp application, you’ll automatically receive a personal scholarship application link via email so you can get started on your essay questions straight away. Scholarship recipients are notified 3 weeks before the start of bootcamp.