150k in scholarships

By partnering with like-minded companies and inclusivity innovators, Lighthouse Labs hopes to amplify the impact this program provides. Through industry and expert consultation, the goal is to create a positive cycle of inclusion by encouraging scholarship recipients to inspire other individuals to pursue a career in technology.

Through these scholarships, Lighthouse Labs and our partners hope to lower barriers, provide greater access to coding education for underrepresented groups in technology, and alter perceptions of what it means to be a developer.

Available Scholarships

How to Apply for a Scholarship

Ready to apply for a scholarship? Congratulations! We’re excited to learn more about you and how a scholarship could support your career development. All of Lighthouse Labs’ scholarships are merit-based and also require you to answer an eligibility question. Once you complete your Bootcamp application, you will be asked to submit your written essay of up to 300 words answering the eligibility question.

  1. Complete your bootcamp application.
  2. You will receive an email with your personal link to apply to scholarships. Follow the steps to complete the scholarship application.
  3. Complete the admissions process and begin preparing for bootcamp.

Scholarships are awarded 3 weeks before your cohort start date.

For more details about our scholarship program and selection process, view our FAQs.

Our Corporate Partners

Is your organization interested in joining the companies above by providing learning opportunities for underrepresented groups in technology?

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Our Community Partners

Fntc logo 365a905fba9346f3f34bf136c25a9fedf3568c005547bf46d559229ab9536bfa

The First Nations Technology Council is an Indigenous-led not-for-profit organization that provides free digital skills training for Indigenous people and is working towards equitable access to technology for Indigenous communities in order to advance sovereignty in the digital age.

Women web dev 472279212145c86b6cbf54db881606b33d0414f836048e4a37ba3575eed40dc3

Women in Web Development is the most active online community for female developers with over 1500 members. We support each other on our coding journeys and stay up to date with the latest trends and opportunities.

Venture out logo 809332c443faf2e8da472a74c2eea93e72839b6097ba792ab9f53a544224b390

Venture Out is Canada’s first and largest conference connecting LGBTQA+ entrepreneurs and folks in tech to career opportunities, role models, and each other. Every year Venture Out brings together the community at MaRS Discovery District for inspirational talks, skill-building workshops, and networking opportunities. Together, Venture Out is building an LGBTQA+ tech and entrepreneurship community, with the goal of creating a more diverse & inclusive future.


  • How do we identify which groups we work with?

    Lighthouse Labs recognizes that “underrepresented” is difficult to define. We approach partnerships with curiosity, and with a goal of learning more about these underserved communities and how to best provide opportunities to them. Lighthouse Labs is open to partnering with companies and organizations with a genuine interest in reducing barriers for underrepresented groups in technology in Canada.

  • Why do I have to pay my deposit to meet the scholarship criteria?

    Lighthouse Labs’ Scholarship Program is a merit-based program, set up to further encourage and support those who are already committed to coming to bootcamp, regardless of whether they are scholarship recipients.

  • How are recipients selected?

    Our scholarships are merit-based. The scholarship committee will review candidates’ bootcamp applications and scholarship essays. Scholarship recipients show a combination of high potential for success in the bootcamp program and are committed to acting as a spokesperson for representation in tech.

    For more information on our admissions process:

  • What if I cannot attend bootcamp without a scholarship?

    Lighthouse Labs recognizes that bootcamp is a big financial commitment and we encourage you check out this round-up of options to finance your bootcamp or this FAQ post about financing. The scholarships are not set up to be grants or bursaries and are awarded based on merit and social championing as opposed to financial need.