This is the the old Lighthouse Labs Prep Modules. We leave it up for reference and for anyone interested in extra preparation. If you are trying to access our new Prep Modules please click here.

Lighthouse Labs - Prep Modules


Welcome to Lighthouse Labs. You're most likely here to get prepared for your immersive code bootcamp with us at the Lighthouse. We're super excited to have you.


This Prep Modules is designed to get you prepared for class. We'll teach you fundamentals of programming for the web before you get here, so that you can hit the ground running.

By the end of this Prep Modules, you will:

  1. Setup a development environment on your computer for Web development with Ruby and Rails
  2. Be able to create HTML5 based web pages
  3. Learn how to debug CSS issues using secret weapons given to you by Google's Chrome team
  4. Use the Unix Command Line Interface to navigate and manage your source code files and folders
  5. Use Object-Oriented Programming in Ruby to create simple programs
  6. Create your GitHub profile
  7. Utilize Git for source control to commit and push your code changes to GitHub

Expectations & Commitment

You are required to do all this prep work: Without doing it, you will quickly fall behind in class.

We ask that you set aside at least 2 to 2.5 hours a day for the next 20 days for this Prep Modules. That's a total of 40 to 50 hours.

Touchpoint meetings: We'll be contacting you regularly to setup Skype/Google Hangout conversations to see how things are going.

Due Date: The Prep Modules is due 2 weeks before the bootcamp starts. This allows for time to give you feedback on the submitted work to make sure you are ready for day 1

Submitting Your Work

To submit your work, please email the items below.

For Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and any other west coast students:
  Please email
For Toronto, Montreal, London, Halifax and any other east coast students:
  Please email

If you require assistance with the prep material, do not e-mail these addresses. See instructions below about getting help.

Where to Get Help

If you don't understand or get stuck on something, as a registered Lighthouse Labs student you have (or will soon receive) access to our private Web Prep Discussion Forum. Please contact the admissions person you are in contact with if you feel you should have access but have not received it yet.

This private discussion forum exists solely for students who are preparing for the bootcamp program to get help from instructors, mentors and each other on the Prep Modules. You can submit your question as a new Topic (one problem per topic please; feel free to create multiple topics if you are stuck in multiple places). You will get an e-mail notification for every reply to your topic.

You are encouraged to discuss your progress and challenges on the forum. The more you do this, the better prepared you'll be for class. In fact, see if you can help others by tackling their unanswered questions.

When to Ask for Help

Basically, If you don't understand or get stuck on something. You are expected to work through the questions and assignments to the best of your ability. However, we are here to help and make sure you spend your time effectively.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are stuck on something for more than 30 min you should go to the forum for help. Chances are somebody else is stuck, or has been stuck in the same spot.

Required Laptop Specs

We strongly encourage you to bring either a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, running the most current Mac OS X. However, PC laptops can be used if they are running a recently installed version of Linux. Windows / Netbooks are a no-go.

In any case, laptops should be no more than 3 years old with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. Monitor size is less important because we do have some external monitors on-site, but 13 inches is as small as you should go.

Let's Get Started

This material is broken out into four sections which introduce you their respective topics:

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. Client-side Programming with JavaScript and jQuery
  3. Object-Oriented Programming & Ruby
  4. Git & GitHub

Before you get started, you need the following 8 applications / services.

Download: Google Chrome

Chrome is the browser of choice for web developers. Its built-in DevTools (which you'll learn about very shortly) are the most powerful compared to those of the other modern browsers. It's also made by Google, which is an awesome company.

Download Chrome »

Download: Sublime Text 3

We'll need a solid text editor to edit the source code in your projects. Sublime Text is the current editor of choice for web development, and it's supported on OS X, and Linux.

Download Sublime »

Signup for: GitHub Account

Please signup for an Account on GitHub.

Recommendation: Your GitHub profile will be a big part of your online persona as a developer. So try to pick a good username (instead of something like don49123). When looking at the list of top GitHub users list you'll notice that they don't have usernames with random numbers thrown in.

Your GitHub username doesn't have to be based on your real name either. Many well known developers (such as Yehuda Katz, James Halliday and Ryan Bigg) have interesting GitHub names. Even I have a GitHub account with a unique name.

Signup for:

Please signup for an Account on It allows you to run snippets of Ruby code and publish/share them with others. We will use it for the Prep Modules so that you don't have to install/setup Ruby until Day1 of class.

Note: If you already have Ruby and Git setup on your machine, then you can instead opt to share your code with us via a repository or Gist on GitHub.

Signup for:

Please signup for an Account on Codepen. It's a great place to create or discover snippets of HTML/CSS/JS code, like this one.

Signup for:

Please signup for an Account on CodeAcademy. This will allow you to track your progress on certain exercises in the Prep Modules. You will also need to submit your profile URL as part of the Prep Modules submission.

Signup for:

Please signup for an Account on RubyMonk. This will allow you to track your progress on certain exercises in the Prep Modules. You will also need to submit your profile URL as part of the Prep Modules submission.

Signup for:

Please signup for an Account on CodeSchool. This will allow you to track your progress on certain exercises in the Prep Modules.