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Meet Maggie Caspar, a Lighthouse Labs alumna who built this website. Discover what you can create as a Bootcamp graduate!

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Launch a Career

Learning to code is one thing. Becoming a developer is a whole other ball-game. At Lighthouse Labs our goal is to take you from hobbyist to professional and be the launchpad for your career.









Read our Student Outcomes Report.

Lighthouse Labs graduates are working as full-time developers with employers across Canada and around the world. Discover how we support our alumni in their careers after bootcamp and beyond.

Student Outcomes Report

Student projects

This is what you’ll be able to accomplish as a Lighthouse Labs grad:

Dev clout


DevClout evaluates the coding skills and influence of developers through Github + StackOverflow, and allows them to compare their score with friends, know their rankings & see where they stand on the leaderboard.



Smoree allows you to create landing pages for your courses, manage your students, and share your knowledge with the world. It's as simple as that.



Tournamentor is a bracket management app built for E-Sports/Competitive Gaming that serves to replace large tablets and laptops.

Ultimatebreakout lighthouselabs

Ultimate Breakout

We wanted to build a real-time application and challenge our learning abilities by using technologies that were not covered in the bootcamp & a game fit the bill. Ultimate Breakout - (theoretically) unlimited players.

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Think like
a developer Become a master in your field.

At Lighthouse Labs we believe that coding is a craft and it’s our mission to help you become a master. After an intense and accelerated 10 weeks of training, 4 weeks of prep work and tons of mentorship, you’ll be ready to translate concepts, breakdown problems, and continue your learning on the job.

  • Build Real Applications

    Over 75% of your time at Lighthouse Labs will be focused on building software. You’ll learn a new concept from a curated list of industry-relevant technologies and then immediately apply it when tackling your daily projects. Your intense work will start a few weeks before coming in with our Prep Modules, hits full speed on day one and won’t stop until you graduate.

  • Community of Developers

    We take a unique approach to mentorship. You’ll have access to over 80 mentors from different backgrounds, 12 hours a day, five days a week. That means hundreds of hours of face-to-face support with experts, who spend their day jobs as developers. They’ll pass on their wisdom, and teach you the many unique ways you can solve different problems.

  • Data-driven Education

    We approach our education the way software developers treat their product: as a continuously evolving endeavour. Our curriculum, baselines, tests and weekly code reviews will act as your points of guidance and support systems. Think of yourself as a sailor at sea; if your aim is to get to shore, a Lighthouse will guide your journey. (Yes, we can be hokey. Just wait ‘till you meet us in-person).

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The bread and butter our courses.

You bring the motivation & passion, we’ll provide a one-of-kind learning environment and a wicked community of developers.