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Our website was created by a Lighthouse Labs alumni. Discover what you will accomplish as a Lighthouse graduate.

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new career.

Learning to code is one thing. Becoming a developer is a whole other ball-game. At Lighthouse Labs our goal is to take you from hobbyist to professional and be the launchpad for your career.

Student projects

This is what you’ll be able to accomplish as a Lighthouse Labs grad:

Dev clout fc96989d51eddea1611f05f039bbc4b8c45a620c5d78800f311cdf3fde41d03d

DEV Clout

We created DevClout which allows developers to compare their score with friends, know their rankings among them and see where they stand on the leaderboard.

Built by:

Philemon lloyd 365a16eeca86386343a5cedd875cced43914d4ff38ae7aeb7c96fc6738d60599


Nathan kift 9540efa199ae8b3802aa3e1189f8e8dd56ff8734c3b2dab2d1002b5514f88df1


Deivideoliveria ff2e8e605bddc52bbae73c6af38b0f411d0951141099dc7d2f3357d73d2ad6e4


Brian f71fb71034f019eff692a3b6aecf7526c9b02ef4ef9ccca96a32cb0a93450451


Tournament 1cfbafd4018173729b8b216cbbf071adae39b31524e15aee50f7dd841a5cd633


Tournamentor is a bracket management app built for eSports/competitive gaming, and serves to replace large tablets and laptops that tournament organizers usually run around with, and puts it on their phone.

Built by:

Zach mallicoat 92e82e37693248c29f6b7020f58db9d8ace8d9d1565190d646d7cdafaeac0315


Massimo f5d77035b9db3f237648db86af14c596b90ed7977a42dff77e8bf463ae4796f5


Smoree fad5f1f3724c87779728917daaa25087da9db1c3b023af14137f036c19a69f9a


I came up with the idea for Smoree when I was going through my junk emails. I realized that a lot of instructors that I’ve previously taken classes with would always send me lengthy promotion emails that I never read.

Built by:

Johnny ji 79838a6f1978620be03bb8c330e35b715da2b11fba5b2e01e2fe2baf48a6f679


Ultimatebreakout lighthouselabs 0df4671b8d1a9ec9b5ee8faedc44247a846f89388e17bc2f45a6f1bb2c12b4f9

Ultimate Breakout

We wanted to build a real-time application and challenge our learning abilities by using technologies that were not covered in the bootcamp. A game fit the bill, as we had mostly covered CRUD applications. It was a great experience because it made us think about our application in an entirely different way.

Built by:

Ken 559b62cc1b0c3cf0b191eaf4637431bcc7292670466b414d5836a1ea14989a10


Norman sue a608437c2f9083cbedb49869fe1c6ec545458e7ff3d01f122df09f4c82aa70ca


Amy soetopo 2e10ad3079b5396d052b7673bb5c197ce4bd8e884cce2f50b28d75494e630ec9


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Think like
a developer Become a master in your field.

At Lighthouse Labs we believe that coding is a craft and it’s our mission to help you become a master. After an intense and accelerated 8 weeks of in-person training, 4 weeks of remote prep work and tons of mentorship, you’ll be ready to translate concepts, breakdown problems, and continue your learning on the job.

  • Build Real Applications

    Over 75% of your time at Lighthouse Labs will be focused on building software. You’ll learn a new concept from a curated list of industry-relevant technologies and then immediately apply it when tackling your daily projects. Your intense work will start a few weeks before coming in with our prep course, hits full speed on day one and won’t stop until you graduate.

  • Community of Developers

    We take a unique approach to mentorship. You’ll have access to over 80 mentors from different backgrounds, 12 hours a day, five days a week. That means hundreds of hours of face-to-face support with experts, who spend their day jobs as developers. They’ll pass on their wisdom, and teach you the many unique ways you can solve different problems.

  • Data-driven Education

    We approach our education the way software developers treat their product: as a continuously evolving endeavour. Our curriculum, baselines, tests and weekly code reviews will act as your points of guidance and support systems. Think of yourself as a sailor at sea; if your aim is to get to shore, a Lighthouse will guide your journey. (Yes, we can be hokey. Just wait ‘till you meet us in-person).

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Ben 89c27281527e684e2c0d9ebcadfc64b62e3b20502083372d9d765b01682061e3 Kelohover b8f3753d4bb6c827c18b1d02b341894493c12bc6ed1d7a71fb0cc4130766dc33
Jessicat c5e9b0ea3009da622f38d127d2bdf4beea0bdb1b3d70713c64485170d2450946
Judy 6f3ab1d6470a9647e546255358f6f5d9d9089b72602b6baa4f0bc9ca59c7ce27 Judyhover 24d7bda972e38d13456c08e88ef1cad976d91282617464dec5d4db88093ae928
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Jody acf2c6abb9ff44ab4816038ca0299e409992056f5fb76366346fb55b9a4ec5b5
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The bread and butter our courses.

You bring the motivation & passion, we’ll provide a one-of-kind learning environment and a wicked community of developers.