10 Popular Websites Built On JavaScript JavaScript is the universal programming language of the web. In fact, JavaScript is used by 97.6% of all websites, according to W3Techs.

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10 Popular Websites Built On JavaScript

To highlight the widespread use of JavaScript across the web, we’ve compiled a few of the world’s top websites that use JavaScript, per W3Techs and Stackshare.io, in their tech stack.


The search engine we all know and love (or loathe) uses JavaScript for both its front- and back-end. Google has become so popular that it’s become a verb: “just Google it,” they say.

Google is Alexa’s number one ranked webpage worldwide, and - as of January 2019 - it’s estimated that more than 1.6 billion unique users visit the site each month.


First created in 2005, the Google subsidiary is the world’s most popular video sharing platform. YouTube has skyrocketed in popularity. It’s ranked second worldwide in terms of web traffic, and has popularized the way people watch, record, and upload a video.


The world’s most popular social media platform is written using JavaScript and quite a few other stacks. The company also owns Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and GrokStyle.

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Wikipedia is the Internet’s encyclopedia based on open collaboration. The website uses a simple design, doesn’t show display ads, and is 100% free. Wikipedia is built on JavaScript, PHP, and more.


Yahoo! is one of the pioneers of the Internet. Yahoo!’s homepage is a mix of a search engine, news, and email. Yahoo! uses JS, HTML5, and more.


Amazon, the global marketplace for goods, uses JavaScript, Perl, Java, and others. Amazon as a company is the largest e-commerce marketplace in the world as measured by revenue.


Not unlike Amazon, eBay is an online resource for purchasing goods, although it’s better known as an auction service. Did you know that, along with Java, Oracle, and several others, JS is used?


Although not as well known in North America, QQ is an instant messaging service that’s popular predominantly in China. QQ ranks in the top 10 in most-visited websites worldwide.


Twitter is increasingly becoming a platform where people go for their news. The fast-moving feeds and curated content make for a constant influx of information and the design has remained largely unchanged in recent years. Rails, JavaScript and a multitude of other languages are used for Twitter.


LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. What programming language is partly responsible for allowing you to sync with your latest connection on LinkedIn? You guessed it, JavaScript, Java, and more.

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