Our priority is the safety of our community. All programs at Lighthouse Labs are available remotely. Learn more.

Mentored, Hands-On, Accelerated Learning in Calgary

Whether it's a full-time bootcamp or a part-time program, Lighthouse Labs offers coding education from newbie to professional developer. With the support of a brilliant team of instructors and mentors, you'll be ready to translate concepts, break down problems, and continue learning on the job.

The Satellite Program is crafted to deliver our Bootcamp and Intro courses to communities that otherwise wouldn't have access. The program retrofits advanced learning technology and mentorship that creates a personalized education experience to help students launch tech careers. This includes on-site mentorship from local developers, along with access to real-time online assistance from Instructors in Vancouver and Toronto. The satellite program follows the same curriculum and structure, while lectures are delivered by Senior Developers via high quality live video stream.


Lighthouse recognizes the challenges we are facing and wants to respond by supporting our community. After receiving the strong demand for our initial $500,000 scholarship (announced March 2020), we have decided to release an additional $500,000 to support students in need.

If you’re facing financial uncertainty or are out of school as a result of COVID-19, apply now for this special scholarship.

Emergency support


* Until further notice, all of our courses will be delivered online.

What is
Career Services
at Lighthouse Labs?

The Career Services team is here to help you lay out your goals and plan of attack. We'll work closely with you to sharpen your resumé and hone your interview skills, and make sure you're prepared for the competitive job hunt. We'll put you face-to-face with potential employers; prepare you to showcase your projects at Employer Demo Day; and you'll learn to network like a pro at the many meet-ups and networking events, including those hosted in our space!

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What I love about being a dev, is not just the problem solving aspect and feature creation/development, but the culture and community is such a great fit for me. It's something that's made me realize that this my career path. This is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life.

Previously: Lead Hand, Parker Johnson Roofing
Now: Developer at Unbounce

Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

I gained the fundamentals of software engineering from university, but that doesn't teach you to be a hacker, who is good at developing a product in a fast-paced environment and is always ready to try out new technologies. This is what I learned from LHL.

Previously: Project Manager
Now: Software Engineer at Axiom Zen

Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

Not only do you leave with a new skill set under your belt, you meet a significant amount of super talented and passionate people.

Previously: Designer
Now: Co-Founder of Fetch

Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

Lighthouse Labs kickstarted my career, the curriculum is current, relevant and engaging. It was the best possible use of my time.

Previously: .Net Developer
Now: Developer at Retsly

Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

Dollars & Deposits.

Web Development Bootcamp: $10500

Intro to Web Development: $1500

Intro to Front-End with Javascript: $1500

Intro to Data Analytics: $2000

Data Science Bootcamp: $10500

* Plus any applicable taxes

Upon completing your application, you'll be prompted to pay a deposit to reserve your spot in the course. Graduates of the Intro programs will receive an $850 credit towards our Bootcamps.

Start Dates:

Intro to Data Analytics

Sep 26 - Nov 01

Sep 28 - Nov 04

Nov 07 - Dec 13

Nov 10 - Dec 17

Web Development Bootcamp

Oct 26 - Jan 29

Nov 23 - Feb 26

Nov 23 - Feb 26

Jan 04 - Mar 26

Intro to Web Development

Sep 26 - Nov 01

Sep 29 - Nov 05

Nov 07 - Dec 13

Nov 09 - Dec 16

Intro to Front-End with Javascript

Nov 07 - Dec 13

Nov 09 - Dec 16



Data Science Bootcamp

Jan 04 - Mar 26




Full time, 9am to 9pm

Mondays and Wednesdays, 6-9pm

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-9pm

Saturdays and Sundays, 3:30-6:30pm

* Timezone (EST)


Our home: Work Nicer

From our space at Work Nicer, Calgary's top co-working space, you’ll be immersed in more than just code in a shared workspace with amazing roomies including tech startups, designers, and small businesses.


Work Nicer
Phone Number: 1 (888) 569-6898
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