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Let the Data Speak for Itself.

As the world transitions to a digital economy, there has been an increased demand for skilled tech talent. Download this year's Student Outcomes Report and discover how our graduates found success in exciting new careers.

    Download the Student Outcomes Report to see:
  • The graduation rates of our Web Dev, Cybersecurity, and Data Science students
  • The rate at which our graduates found employment
  • Insights into our graduates’ initial career roles post-bootcamp
  • Our graduates’ average salaries
Download the Report
Student Outcomes Report

of 2022 alumni were placed in a role within 180 days


of all 2022 alumni found employment


the total average starting salary for 2022 alumni

Student Outcomes Report

A career should be more than a means of livelihood. As the world undergoes a digital transformation, people are turning to the tech sector to find more creative and rewarding career opportunities. Download this year's Student Outcomes Report to see how our focus on student outcomes led to meaningful career transitions for our graduates.

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Student Outcomes Report


Career Services is the lifetime support we offer our graduates as they progress along their career journey. From connecting them with their first roles in tech post-graduation to mid-career boosts, our team will work with you at any stage in your career to identify your goals and help guide you to achieving them. Career Boost students have access to the personalized employment assistance that our Career Services department provides.

  • Career Coaching

    We'll help you cultivate your personal career goals, and then map out a plan for achieving them.

  • Interview & Resume Prep

    You'll have endless opportunities to practice communicating with potential employers, both in written and spoken format.

  • Introductions & Networking

    Connect with our massive network of tech companies and organizations through our monthly networking events.

  • Employer Outreach

    Our Career Services team is always connecting graduates with the employers they'd fit best with.

Our Graduates

Take it from those who know us best. Click through to read the experiences of some of the alumni who've passed through our programs.

Details of our KPIs (graduation, employment, graduate satisfaction rates and others) as reported by the Government of Ontario can be found here for Toronto and here for Ottawa.

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Let the Data Speak for Itself.

Download the Report