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Navigating your next career move can be overwhelming. But what if you could take your current skills and experience — and add some tech skills to the mix to find a career that aligns with your interests and goals?

Take our Tech Skill Quiz to begin reimagining what your future could look like with personalized career path recommendations — and which tech skills you need to get you there.

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Thinking of making a change but don’t know where to start?

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We ask questions, you answer them. It’s really that simple. We’ll analyze your responses to help narrow down which tech skills or career paths you should consider exploring.

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1. Think about your goals

Are you looking to add skills to your resume to advance your career or thinking about changing careers?

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Let us help you figure out which field or career path you may be better suited for—and which of your current skills could be leveraged. We want to get to know your personality and hobbies — but we also need you to reflect on what you’re good at, what you’d like to do more of, and what your ideal work life looks like.

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Learn which tech skills and career paths you should explore based on your answers. We’ll also provide some resources to help you get started.

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What are transferrable skills?

When you’re longing for change, the prospect of transitioning to a new field or career can feel daunting after investing so much time in your current path.

But those skills and experiences don’t go to waste — they’re actually an asset. Transferable skills encompass things effective communication, problem-solving, and teamwork among others. You can transfer them from one job or industry to another. That’s why transferable skills are highly sought after by employers.

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Student Success Stories

Going into the program was really worth it as an investment in myself.

Carly Fennell - 2020 Data Science Program Alum

Carly Fennell student profile image

She needed a career that would give her stability.

Meenu Bhardwaj - 2023 Cybersecurity Program Alum

Meenu Bhardwaj student profile image

These skills helped me to get a job as a developer.

Cameron Brown - 2021 Web Development Program Alum

Cameron Brown student profile image

From beginning till getting a job, I got the right support and knowledge to get me started.

Francisco Ocampo - 2023 Web Development Program Alum

Francisco Ocampo student profile image

I would definitely have picked the flex program for myself again.

Andrea Madsen - 2022 Web Development Program Alum

Andrea Madsen student profile image

...great hands-on experience through its labs.

Kristhiant F - 2023 Cybersecurity Program Alum

Krishtiant F student profile image

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