“Hey Grandpa, did you hear Swift is Open Source now?!”

Holidays can be weird when no-one in your family understands what you do. Trying to catch your grandfather up on the latest coding trends can be slightly headache inducing.

When it comes to gift-giving, developers are used to being inundated with gifts like touch screen gloves and ergonomic desk pillows. We polled our students, alumni and teachers to compile our Holiday Dev Wishlist to share with the tech challenged gift givers in your life!

James: Dropbox Pro Account

Dropbox space is a hot commodity, and the free 2GB doesn’t always cut it.

Kelo: Apple TV

Sometimes you gotta switch it up and stop staring at your computer screen to go stare at a TV screen.

Carson: Mechanical Keyboard

There is no greater satisfaction than the clickity-clack of a solid mechanical keyboard.

SooJeen: Laptop stickers

Rarely will you find a naked laptop in the Lighthouse Labs classroom. Devs splatter their computers with their favourite brands, companies, cartoons and programs.


Rebecca just can’t handle when her mom calls to ask why her YouTubes aren’t playing on her Apple Pad. She thinks the best gift Sandy can give her is to take digital literacy into her own hands by learning to code.

Dan: A compliment on his code

Dan just wants his code to to be appreciated this season. D’aww.

Laith: Sit/stand desk

Sitting down all day can get stressful on the back. Sit/stand desks are sweet, ‘cause you can sit AND stand. It’s revolutionary.

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