The Next 36 is an incredible program that empowers entrepreneurs to do amazing things through world-class instruction, hands-on learning, and a powerful network of mentors.

Now, replace ‘entrepreneurs’ with “budding developers” and you have Lighthouse Labs. So this new partnership is a no-brainer!

I’m being a little facetious, of course. The worlds of entrepreneurs and developers, while increasingly overlapping, have different needs. This is all the more reason to be partnering up and complementing each other. The values of our two organizations are completely in line, and we are excited to be involved in growing Canada’s most talented young innovators.

In the coming months, we will be hosting a series of workshops for Next 36 members on topics like “The business implications of the languages and frameworks you use” and “Knowing how to ask for the right foundation to your MVP.” We plan to add invaluable tech knowledge to their skillset - something every modern entrepreneur needs. They will also be speaking to our classes about various entrepreneurial topics, providing our students with crucial insight into their world. As both our groups gain access to each other’s resources, we are able to grow together.

This is continuing our tradition of partnerships with entrepreneurial organizations we love, such as Launch Academy, HIGHLINE, and Futurpreneur. Canada needs more entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs need more developers. Let’s keep powering Canada’s tech ecosystem forward!

Want to get your organization involved with Lighthouse Labs? Shoot us a note!