It’s no secret that here at Lighthouse Labs, we’re passionate about making tech more accessible to a wider swath of people. The ongoing digital revolution presents so many opportunities for people to accelerate in their current careers or change careers entirely. Skills like data analysis and web development have so much potential to push people towards greater, more rigorous success in their professional lives.

After a year like the one we had in 2020, we know that skills like these are more important than ever. To continue to coach you towards learning new digital skills, we’re excited to launch the 21-Day Data Challenge. From February 17th to March 9th, participants will pass through short Python data analysis challenges to compete with others for a variety of amazing prizes.

The 21 daily changes will guide participants through a fun and engaging storyline. You’ll help the protagonist, Dot, as they try to adapt to a new off-the-grid lifestyle. After a difficult 2020, Dot’s decided to move away from the city and start building a new life for themselves in a rural cabin. But life away from metropolitan conveniences is anything but easy. Dot needs you to use entry-level Python data skills to help them adjust to their new environment and find happiness.

Did we mention prizes? With every challenge you complete, you’ll earn more entries into the prize draws. You’ll get to (1) start learning a new skill, (2) gain chances to win sweet prizes, and (3) compete against your friends and enemies for programming success. Seriously, what’s better than that?

Want to learn data and win prizes with the 21-Day Data Challenge?

Build a Daily Data Habit

Learning a new skill is simply more effective when you make a habit of it. Think about the concept of immersion. It’s well-known that the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in its native environment. Of course there’s no Python-speaking country, but the 21-Day Data Challenge is the next best thing.

Each challenge will have you devoting 15-20 minutes of your day to learning more about Python and data analysis. Of course, there’s always more to be done, and we’ll have resources that facilitate deeper learning attached to each challenge. Every day will be styled around a basic concept fundamental to Python and data analysis, like data cleaning, Python variables, lists and dictionaries, and more. You’ll come out of the 21 days with a solid foundation from which to keep learning.

Multiple Chances to Win Great Prizes

With everyone mostly being stuck at home, what’s the best way to boost morale and take quarantine in style? No, it’s not by investing in a fleece-lined onesie, but good guess. It’s by winning some great prizes that’ll seriously improve your #stayhome lifestyle!

The 21-Day Data Challenge has scores and scores of prizes up for grabs. We’re not kidding. Participants have shots to win daily prizes for each of the 21 days, grand prizes at the end of the challenge, and finalist prizes if you complete every single daily challenge. What’s at stakes here? What about cool swag like gift cards, a Nintendo Switch, an iPad, and a Peloton bike package? This is just a taste; there’s a lot more waiting for you.

Compete With and Against Others

You don’t have to go it alone. The 21-Day Data Challenge is seriously more fun with friends. Assemble your comrades and form a team to play together. You’ll even get to pool together your points to go towards special team prizes.

Even if you’re playing alone, you won’t really be stranded and lonesome. You’ll have access to the 21DDC forum, where you can post inquiries, tips, and tricks, or banter with your competitors. Have a bit of a competitive spirit in you? Stay motivated through all 21 days by striving to come out on top.

Ready to start winning through the 21-Day Data Challenge?