At last Friday's Demo Day, not only did we graduate a sweet new group of incredible new Jr. Developers, but we also celebrated the first iOS bootcamp graduates in Canada.

With a line-up going around the corner, the crowd stepped right into the madness at Lighthouse Labs and onto the samosas and beer, sponsored by our awesome friends at HIGHLINE. The anticipation in the air was undeniable! Six groups were presenting, with a chance of winning the Lighthouse Labs People's Choice Award, and three months of mentorship and space at Launch Academy.


Having worked in climate research, Kristen Cooke has always been stoked about government transparency. So when Irina Shestak came up with the idea for, the two were a match made in web app heaven! The two wowed the crowd with beautiful visual data on open-source federal government contract data. The data, interactively displayed using the C3 library (a version of D3), includes a JSON API for the developer community and easily downloadable CSV files for those anyone wanting to play around with the info.


Next up was Shiftable, a web app built with the flex-shift hourly worker in mind. Shiftable allows you to swap or take empty shifts with ease. Although it was made with a variety of businesses in mind, at least one person saw a pretty clear appeal: they voted for it as "The Starbucks Shift App." It was made by the dynamic duo, Teresa To and Linda Hayashida, who also got to show off their newly learned skills in Mongoose, Node, jQuery, Express.


Taegan Goddard's Political Wire is ranked as one of the 10 Most Popular Liberal Blogs in the US. Well, as our very first iOS grad(and big fan of their site), Tom Daggett made an iOS app for their website! The funnest part? When we tweeted about his demo, Taegan Goddard tweeted back:

Tom kept his cool, didn't fan out too hard, and provided Taegan with an excellent preview video of his app (which you may be interested in too!):


Greg Moiras and Kelvin Wong decided to bring business back in the building with their web app KanDo. KanDo is project management on steroids; each project can have multiple tasks, each with customizable details. Users can also share their projects with others and update all everything real time with web sockets. The two built the app with new skills in Javascript, Node.js, Angular, MongoDB, Express, Boostrap.


Our youngest presenter of the night was the 13-year-old Kai, who joined our iOS bootcamp so that he could make cool apps for his two sisters. He followed the intros of his classmates with bemusement: "Hi, my name is Kai and my previous experience includes...uh... elementary school". With his family cheering loudly in the crowd, Kai presented Mixta, a music curation app that allowed you share and list music.


In the early 1980’s one game revolutionized the world of racing in games… Pole Position! To pay homage to a game that stole way too may quarters from our youth, Bradley Sharpe made it into a modern HTML5 game. The crowd swooned at the glorious and nostalgiac 8-bit graphics that the game featured, alongside Lighthouse Labs logos and a canyon sunset off in the background. It's also fully deployed, allowing attendees(and now you!) to play the game live! Needless to say it was a killer way to end the showcase.


Audience members put their votes in with our super enhanced ballot system (sticky notes and a box). The People's Choice Award was based on absolutely no criteria and voters were free to choose their one and only favourite. In the end, Shiftable went home with the gold - and three whole freaking months of office space and mentorship provided by our kick-ass sponsor, Launch Academy and The Lean Entrepreneur Program. From there, the samosas and beers took the night away!

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