image Coding bootcamps are the newest solution to navigating the ever-changing labour market, and providing a doorway into career security. You no longer need a university degree to secure a job as a junior developer - today, coding bootcamps offer a laser-focused path into a labour market in need of skilled developers. Over the past five years at Lighthouse Labs, we’ve seen student after student find career success by making an investment into changing their careers.

While bootcamps are fast-paced and offer an expedited route into the job market, they also come with a financial cost. Investing in bootcamp can be a difficult decision to make, and that financial commitment is not always feasible for all potential students. Sometimes these students are also those in greatest need of a career refresh, so we’re committed to improving accessibility to education and addressing the financial barriers that many people face. That’s why we’ve rounded up a number of options to help you finance yourself through bootcamp and your job hunt.

Student Line of Credit

Accessing a student line of credit is one option for financing yourself through bootcamp. Many banks offer a student line of credit to help cover tuition costs, living expenses, and even the cost of your laptop! Interest rates are low, and are taken monthly. Check with your local bank to see if you qualify to receive a student line of credit for bootcamp. Pro tip: you don’t have to be with a certain bank in order to receive their student line of credit.

Student Loans

Government student loans are another great option to assist in covering your tuition. Lighthouse Labs Web Development Bootcamp is approved for Student Aid in Vancouver and Calgary. If you’re a resident of British Columbia or Alberta, you may be eligible for financial assistance. For more information or to apply online, you can visit the StudentAid website for British Columbia or Alberta. Keep an eye on our blog - in the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing more information about Student Aid!

Caisse Desjardins des Technologies de l'information

Caisse Desjardins des Technologies de l'information offers financing options to students in Montreal and Ottawa. At prime rate, you can take out a personal loan to cover the cost of tuition. After graduation, there’s 4 month grace period before you need to begin paying back the loan. If you’re interested in this option, you can further discuss the process in your bootcamp interview.

Immigrant Services Society of BC

Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISS of BC) offers an employment bridging program designed to help internationally trained professionals to renew their credentials in Canada and return back to their profession or seek an alternative career. They can help facilitate low cost loans and offer employment counselling support.



In 2019, we started the first ever Lighthouse Labs Scholarships Program. This was created to support underrepresented communities in Canadian technology to reduce barriers and foster talented developer role models.

By partnering with like-minded companies, the Scholarship Program aims to provide greater access to coding education for underrepresented groups in Canada, and create a positive cycle of inclusion. Lighthouse Labs is proud to dedicate more than $150,000 to the program. When completing your bootcamp application, select the scholarship that you qualify for and complete the requirements.

The Women in Tech Scholarship is open to all women applying for our Web Development Bootcamp. This scholarship provides tuition assistance to community-engaged women kick-starting their web development career. The Women in Tech Scholarship hopes to promote positive role models for women, and contribute to a more diverse web development industry.

The Breaking Barriers Scholarship is available to LGBTQA+ applicants across Canada who are committed to nurturing digital literacy and diversity in their community. Successful candidates receive $2000 towards our Web Development Bootcamp at any of our campuses nationwide. This scholarship allows Lighthouse Labs to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive future within Canada’s thriving tech industry, by encouraging students from the LGBTQA+ community to pursue software development careers.

Futures in Innovation and Technology, a digital skills training initiative of the First Nations Technology Council, is open to all Indigenous peoples in British Columbia. Through a combination of more than $150,000 in First Nations Technology Council funding and the new Lighthouse Labs Scholarship Fund, spots are available in the Web Development bootcamp program.

With the goal of reducing barriers and increasing access to the technology field, the First Nations Technology Council has additional funds available to support students’ living expenses. This scholarship is open to anyone who self-identifies as Indigenous (Status First Nations, non-status, Metis, Inuit) in British Columbia. No additional essay is required for applicants to be considered for this opportunity - simply confirm you self-identify as Indigenous on the first page of your Bootcamp application.

With so many options to choose from, a career in software development could be within your reach.