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Financing Your Lighthouse Labs Journey: A Primer

Investing in your education can be a stressful and costly process at times. Lighthouse Labs’ mission is to remove barriers to tech education, which is why we want to update you on the various financing options available to support your journey. As we have recently been approved for additional provincial aid programs, we thought it was time to share more details on the many funding opportunities available. Below you will find a select list of financing options you can utilize to support the investment in your education. Bookmark this page to keep this handy financial aid guide at your fingertips whenever you need it!

Meet the Complete Guide on How to Pay for Our Courses

Before we dive into the various financing options you can look into, we want to introduce you to the Complete Guide on How to Pay for Our Courses. Updated regularly to reflect current financing avenues available to students, this pdf document is your financial aid map. Make sure you download it and save it to help you plan your education payment solutions.


Lighthouse Labs offers a few types of scholarships at the moment, applicable to our Bootcamps, Flex program and even to our part-time courses.

These were initially launched in the context of the start of the pandemic and are currently labelled as Covid scholarships. While this program is expected to wind down soon as we reach the $1 million goal we set out back in the first half of 2020, you can still apply for it when you start your application. To take advantage of this scholarship to partially cover your tuition, please click here to learn more details.. The Admissions Team is always on the lookout for additional scholarship opportunities and might be able to provide a more extensive list: feel free to reach out to them directly to get the latest updates.

Provincial Student Aid and Government Assistance

Lighthouse Labs is on Canada’s Master List of Designated Educational Institutions, and therefore qualified students are eligible to receive Canada Student Loans when enrolled in BC, AB and ON. Each province and government body comes with its own eligibility criteria and funding discretions. Please refer to the links of each financing program to understand if you can benefit from these opportunities.

The financing guide has the complete list of funding opportunities available; all details and reference links are available directly in the guide. Here are a few of the programs you can apply for financial support; the complete list is available in our financing guide.

Aid for New Immigration and Underrepresented Groups

Our guide also gives you an overview of key programs that aim at supporting newcomers to Canada, as well as underserved groups across the country.

Again, our guide is a good place to check for programs that might provide additional support if you belong to any of these groups. Additionally, make sure to check our Impact Initiatives page to see what partner-funded programs you might be eligible for! You can also contact Admissions for more information.

One example of a loan program that aims to support newcomers to Canada is the Achēv Accelerating Career Advancement Program, which offers low-interest loan options to support those who wish to relaunch their careers in Canada.

What Else Should You Consider

Planning out your education journey involves a lot of key decisions and how you are going to fund it is an important element. Here are a few key considerations you should make time for in your financial aid planning.

  • Time really is money. If you are going to apply for a scholarship or for funding opportunities, make sure you are allowing yourself enough time to get all the answers you need before your expected program start date. Some funders will need 6 to 8 weeks to complete the assessment for your funding eligibility and to confirm your loan amount. You should calculate your application timelines to give yourself enough time to go through financial aid processes and to complete your prep work ahead of your preferred program’s start date. (Note: Your timeline needs might vary between programs and provinces, so make sure you check requirements ahead of time).
  • With the exception of the scholarships we offer, Lighthouse Labs has no influence or oversight over financial aid applications for its students. If you have questions about eligibility or procedure, you can connect directly with each funding body to get the answers you need.
  • Have you told your bank about your plans? Most financial institutions offer student lines of credit and other similar programs to give prospective students a financial leg up. Make sure you check with your bank and even others where you might benefit from a first-time customer opportunity!

Questions? Our Admissions Team is always standing by to support your application process! Book a meeting with your Admissions Rep or send them an email here.