Intro to Front-End with JavaScript

If you are looking for a program to help you get started on building beautiful websites, Intro to Front-End with JavaScript is for you!

You will learn how web pages are structured, stylized and how to add interactive elements to the site’s user experience. We built this course to be as hands-on as possible so you can use the things you learn immediately in your work and personal life. As with all our courses, Intro to Front-End with JavaScript includes the same things that you expect from Lighthouse Labs: a 10:1 mentor ratio, a collaborative environment, and project-based learning.

This course was born and built based on input and feedback from our community of developers, community partners, alumni and current students. We’ve heard from the thousands of people across Canada who have participated in our one-day HTML 500 events, workshops, our 21-Day Coding Challenge, and our free online Learn to Code courses that they want to continue their front-end learning journey. Intro to Front-End with JavaScript is now available as that next step.

It was designed to equip a cross section of professionals whose jobs are reliant on web applications with the coding skills they require to truly succeed. Whether this is a digital marketer who is working with a marketing automation system, or a boutique business owner running an e-commerce website, this course will allow them to understand how their sites were built and how to make them stand out. UX/UI designers who want to pick up code to improve their work flow with dev teams, sales and support personnel at tech companies who need basic understanding of how web-based products are built and interact with other data sources on the web, or project managers who are managing the build of new web applications will all benefit from the Front-end Fundamentals that we teach over 6-weeks.

What will you learn in Intro to Front-End with JavaScript?

The Intro to Front-End with JavaScript course teaches the foundations of front-end web development using the most current technologies. The course starts with you learning the main languages of the web: HTML and CSS. These are the primary building blocks of web pages. You’ll learn how to structure your pages with HTML and make them look the way you want with CSS. You will then learn how to leverage the world's most popular coding language, JavaScript, and one of the most popular libraries, jQuery, to build your first dynamic web page. You will be able to build and style new sites from the ground up or use the technologies that you’ve learnt to customize existing Wordpress templates. We are big believers in learning by doing, so we built this course to be as hands on as possible. You will spend as much time applying your learnings as being taught it.

What is the difference between Intro to Front-End with JavaScript and the Intro to Web Development course?

You might be wondering why we have two part time courses that serve as an introduction to web development. The Intro to Web Development course provides breadth of information with curriculum covering full-stack web development. If you are looking for a better understanding of the back-end systems that drive modern web applications and a more holistic understanding of web development, then our Intro to Web Development course is for you. Intro to Front-End with JavaScript provides students with greater depth in front-end knowledge and a more hands on learning experience. As you can see, the learning outcomes for the courses are very different.

Considering bootcamp but not sure yet if a career in coding is right for you? Both of our part-time web development courses provide you with a great opportunity to get a taste for building technology and provide a valuable baseline of knowledge to kickstart your learn to code journey.

If you’re interested in learning more about our program, you can check out our course page with an in-depth curriculum and breakdown of the technologies you’ll learn.