Note: Some of these sites were hosted on the HTML500 servers, which we've had to take down. Some of them still work though so read on!

In the past, we've shown you exactly what you can make after 8 weeks with Lighthouse Labs. But what about seeing what you can make after just 1 day with Lighthouse Labs and The HTML500?

Now you can! We are featuring here our favourite websites from the event in each city! We hope you can be inspired by the great things they've been able to create.

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Without further ado, the best of the best:


Kurtis Stewart

Kurtis made a beuatiful personal page for himself and his professional interests!


Clement Woo Photography

Clement Woo made his site to show off his photography.


More coming soon!


Darrell Montorio

Among other cool features, Darrell made sure his site was fully responsive!


Sherry Yang

Sherry went with the resume option for her page, and made it clean and beautiful.



Saad Imran

Saad made a site where you can review the HTML500 itself!


Matthew Campbell

Matthew, the 10-year old attendee who was featured in this great article in the London Free Press, made this landing page for a football academy!


Brook Coatsworth

Brook took the HTML500 as an opportunity to talk about the city of London itself, and what we can do to "revitalize the forest city"!



George Wong

George came across the Toronto In A Box website, and as a Raptors fan, it inspired him! In his own words, the experience of making it "validated my skills in actually creating a legitimate website/business." Awesome!


Thank you to everyone who was involved in the HTML500! If you weren't able to make it, you can always learn to code at our part-time Web Fundamentals course!