Two years ago, Lighthouse Labs launched Devhub Toronto, a home for Canada’s developer community. It’s with a great sense of accomplishment and pride that we launched Devhub in Vancouver earlier this year! But that's not all. Devhub Toronto now has a new home conveniently located at King and Bathurst.

First Of All, Why Devhub?

Devhub is designed to bring developers together and provide them with community, events, and workspace programmed for their needs and growth. While there may be countless spaces focused on entrepreneurs and businesses, Canada’s developer community has often lumped in with these groups, rather than having their own network. The scalability of Canada’s technology industry, innovation, and talent retention depends on an active developer community, yet it largely lacks the infrastructure to support devs throughout their careers.

“The developer community of Canada has always been incredibly special and unique," says Lighthouse Labs CEO Jeremy Shaki. "In building Devhub, our hope is to surround our alumni and mentors with an active, engaged network of developers within Canada’s thriving tech communities. At Lighthouse Labs, we are constantly hearing about the need for more intermediate and senior level developers in all categories of industry. What’s missing is a space that the developer community can utilize for collaborative learning and growth, pushing each other to greater depths of knowledge and skills. We believe we have created that with Devhub.”

What’s New At Devhub And What's To Come


It's been a busy few months here at Devhub, the home of Lighthouse Labs in Toronto and Vancouver, including location changes, launching Vancouver’s Devhub, and celebrating Lighthouse Labs's five-year birthday.

Besides the differing cities, Devhub Toronto and Devhub Vancouver offer all the same amazing things! Both locations reflect the cities and their unique developer communities, while staying true to the founding principles of what makes Devhub.

In Vancouver you’ll find Devhub at 600-401 West Georgia Street, smack in the middle of the heart of tech is Vancouver, in the same building as some amazing tech companies such as Unbounce, our new office has floor to ceiling windows and mountain views. While both locations offer high-speed internet, monitors, free coffee and tea, plenty of natural light and well stocked kitchen facilities, Devhub Vancouver also features a state of the art gym and a great event space.

In Toronto our new home is located at 662 King Street west, in a beautiful 12,000-square foot, two-story brick and beam building, filled with some of Toronto’s amazing developer groups. With a mix of glass offices, classrooms, open space and lounge, this place is designed for hours of coding. The space is within walking distance of downtown, tons of great cafes & restaurants, and the entertainment district. Unlimited coffee and tea, a dog-friendly space, monthly socials, and weekly Lunch&&Learns are some other benefits Devhub provides.


In 2019, Devhub Toronto is set to expand, taking over an additional space at 662 King Street West. Expect to see a new event space for our workshops and developer events, as well as a space to provide more opportunities for external community partners to host their events. In addition, a decompression room - allowing members to pray, rest and have some alone time - will be added, and there will be more space for freelancers, international devs and alumni.

Events, Events, Events!

Devhub is all about organizing engaging, educational events that bring real benefit to the dev community, including:


Devhub's workshops: an immersive learning experience, aimed at developers who are looking for a specialized skills boost or to learn about something completely new. Each workshop features an expert instructor, practical content, and a hands-on learning structure.


Devhub's Lunch&&Learns: explore a specific subject or topic of interest. You'll learn new things from peers who are passionate experts on something cool. Don't worry, Reddit and Youtube aren't going anywhere.

Social Events

Hosting regular social events is one of the ways to strengthen and grow the Devhub community. These social events are a great place to make connections, whether it's with new grads or seasoned mentors. You've worked hard - now have some fun with other devs!

Who Should Join Devhub?


Diversity is important, especially in the dev industry, so Lighthouse Labs and Devhub are committed to making sure the environment and community are inclusive. While Devhub’s focus is to support developers, not just startups or entrepreneurs, we are a space for any developer who want to learn, code, teach, engage, connect, and be challenged.

Since the launch in 2016, the Devhub network has grown to more than 4,000 developers, consistently hosting events and programming that includes weekly lunch & learns, workshops, hackathons and community meetups.

The Devhub community is made up of devs of all levels; junior to senior, remote and in-person, working for startups and working for corporate companies. So many different parts of the community work in different ways and yet, developers learn best when surrounded by others who are passionate, driven, and intellectually curious.


What You'll Get At Devhub

  • Hot desks (when you need a place to work from time to time)
  • Dedicated desks (feel at home with your own permanent desk, setup the way you want it)
  • Private offices (if you and your team of developers are looking for a new home)
  • Team clusters (for larger teams who want to work in the Devhub communal space)
  • Daily and weekly rates (if you’re visiting Toronto or Vancouver and need a quiet place to work)


Interested in joining? Check out the website here.