Coding is better together. That's why we incorporated a team aspect to the 21-Day Coding Challenge, which took place Oct. 1-28. With hundreds of teams participating, and more than 4,800 individuals, freeCodeCamp came out on top on the prizing leaderboard, scoring 524 points.

We caught up with four members of freeCodeCamp to answer some questions about the 21-Day Coding Challenge and about the non-profit organization promoting digital literacy. As top prize, freeCodeCamp will celebrate their accomplishment with $500 towards a team outing!

In case you missed it, make sure to read our 21-Day Coding Challenge Wrap-Up and What To Do Next Now That The 21DCC Is Complete blog posts.

Favourite Part Of The 21DCC

"Keeping my brain thinking [about] code every day with a fun little daily activity." - Chris

"Functional programming exercises, and that most challenges could be done in one or two lines." - Ben

"Having to solve one problem each day. It was like an advent calendar. I miss it." - Sylvain

"My favourite part is when we discussed it [each challenge] with the group without revealing the code." - Jonathan

Why The Team Component Was So Fun

"It was nice to have the support group behind you, as well as people to bounce ideas off of, and compare different solutions." - Chris

"Because freeCodeCamp was the group to be in for this challenge. The group is composed of great and diverse people." - Sylvain

"Coding challenges are exciting, but more exciting with a group." - Jonathan

How The Word Spread

  • The freeCodeCamp Facebook group
  • Former Lighthouse Labs Toronto Community Manager, Izzy
  • Social media

How FreeCodeCamp Worked Together

Slack, slack and slack!

OK, But Who Exactly Was On Their Team

"[Everyone] from absolute beginners to working professional coders." - Ben

What's FreeCodeCamp?

"FreeCodeCamp is a group where beginner- and experienced-coders can learn together, allowing for mentorship, guidance, code review, and resource sharing. freeCodeCamp also has a podcast, medium publication and an online open source resource for learning full-stack JavaScript development." - Ben

Final Prizing Leaderboard

  1. freeCodeCamp - 524 points
  2. We Haven't A Clue - 306 points
  3. byte me; - 305 points
  4. Women in Web Dev FB Group - 280 points
  5. TeddyBears - 265 points
  6. ReferenceError: "x" is not defined - 233 points
  7. CSTBCITDT - 224 points
  8. Guardians of the Galaxy - 211 points
  9. Mala-Coders - 191 points
  10. YVArrr - 187 points
  11. YP Code Bandits - 187 points
  12. Four Feet - 187 points

An honourable mention goes out to the Women in Web Development Team which topped the overall leaderboard - the prizing leaderboard took into account participants who are in Canada - with a whopping 638 points. The all-women's team had a number of members complete all 21 days of challenges and the team had the highest member count of any squad who participated in the 21-Day Coding Challenge!

Now, stay tuned for the next edition of the 21-Day Coding Challenge. And remember, even though the prizing portion of the challenge is complete, the 21DCC remains open for anyone who wants to take on the daily challenges.