If you’re interested in software engineering, chances are you’ve come across the term ‘DevOps’ numerous times. DevOps has quickly risen to be one of those buzzwords in the tech sector, with many companies looking to hire DevOps Engineers. With an average base pay of $85,000 per year, it's not difficult to see why many people seek to gain the necessary skills.

DevOps practices aim to smooth out the development cycle by overcoming the bridge between developers and operations, allowing organisations to deliver products in an agile way. While there are different tools to support the practice, DevOps itself is commonly referred to as a culture or process.

So why should you care about learning DevOps processes?

  1. DevOps lends organizations a competitive advantage by enabling them to create and improve products at a faster pace. Joining operations and development, teams are able to have shorter development cycles, reduce implementation failures, and overall enhance communication within the team. According to DZone, DevOps teams are happier and more productive.
  2. Working on a DevOps team also allows you to follow the whole deployment cycle, from producing the code and testing it to containerization, integration, and delivery. DevOps allows you to look past a specific task to see the whole picture.
  3. DevOps is a unified approach to company culture and problem solving. Getting acquainted with DevOps is helpful for any team member, whether at a senior or junior level or anywhere in between. Learning the agile methods and communication skills required for DevOps not only helps developers work better with non-dev roles - like designers or data scientists - it also makes you a more desirable employee.

DevOps helps teams to break out of their silos, work together, and deliver more consistently, efficiently, and securely. Learning about DevOps is valuable to developers at any level, and helps developers of all levels to advance in their career.

Intrigued? If you’d like to learn more about DevOps practices or want to dive right in, here are some cool resources for you:

  • Join Devhub and Microsoft for their ‘Simplifying DevOps’ Workshop series. Happening in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, this series is great for anyone wanting to learn how to migrate applications to the cloud through DevOps practices. Sign up for a workshop in your city here.
  • This reddit thread is jam-packed with expert advice for a junior DevOps engineer. From step-to-step guides to recommended tech and tools, you’ll find a lot in there.
  • Or check out this Roadmap to Becoming a DevOps Professional on Medium. Though more of a checklist than a tutorial, this article might give you a good overview of the journey into DevOps.