Lighthouse Labs is excited to announce the winner of the first ever SFU Lighthouse Labs Prize, Yan Hong!

Lighthouse has partnered with SFU's FCAT (Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology) to offer a yearly scholarship to a student who exemplifies exeptional creativity, passion, and capacity to succeed in web development.

Yan is pictured above with Associate Dean Martin Gotfrit and Lighthouse's Jeremy Shaki at Lighthouse Labs. He will be starting in the January 2015 web development cohort.

The Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology at SFU is an exciting intersection of communication, art, and technology. It is what happens when creativity meets new technology, when science meets art, when design encounters new media. FCAT offers a broad range of programs in Communication, Con- temporary Arts, Interactive Arts and Technology, Publishing and New Media. The faculty has a rich history of innovation and collaboration in its component units and is excited by the potential of collaboration across our schools and with the community.