That's a wrap. With more than 9,800 participants, you, the coding enthusiasts, made this 21-Day Coding Challenge the biggest one yet.

Our latest, and fourth edition, of the coding challenge ended on Nov. 21 capping off three weeks of small victories, including being elected Codeville mayor, implementing smart city features, and throwing a town festival. In total, 9,827 coding enthusiasts registered for the 21-Day Coding Challenge.

Don’t worry if you missed out on the latest set of challenges: the challenges and the forum will remain open for anyone who wishes to level up on their coding skills.

Have a look at the numbers that went into this month's challenge below.

As a community…




Number of participants who completed at least one challenge.


The number of times Lighthouse Labs was mentioned on Twitter during the challenge’s three-week period.


The number of posts on the community forum where participants discussed challenges and helped each other debug their code.


Participants completed the 21-Day Coding Challenge in 21 days.


Teams took on the challenge, working and learning together.


Participants on the community forum.


The number of countries represented in the 21-Day Coding Challenge.


The number of people who started and completed all 21 challenges on Nov. 21, the final day of the challenge.



Grand Prize

image This time, we’re sending our grand prize winner to Silicon Hills. Our top prize for the 21-Day Coding Challenge is a trip for two people (the winner and a guest) to Austin, Texas, one of North America’s booming tech hotspots. The trip includes airfare and accommodation as well as a pair of city tour passes so the pair can explore what the southern city has to offer. The winner is Jeremy C. of Kingston, Ont. who was chosen at random. Everyone who registered was eligible for the draw.

Finalist Prizes

image In addition to our grand prize and daily prizes, we had four items up for grabs for our finalist draw, open to those who completed all 21 challenges. Finalist prizes include an Apple Watch Series 5, Playstation 4 Pro, LG Widescreen Monitor, and a ModernistLook Backpack.

Daily Prizes

For each day of the challenge, we gave away two identicaly prizes to people who completed a challenge on the given day. In total, there were 42 daily prizes including Apple Magic Mouse 2s, Apple AirPods, $100 gift cards, $50 gift cards, Bluetooth speakers, smart plugs, and much more. You can find the full list of winners at the bottom of this page.

Team Prizes

Once again, team #2886BB was the top team, defending their winning ways from May. The team is from Ensemble, a Richmond, B.C.-based software consulting company. They scored the maximum number of points based on the maximum number of team members: 1,050.

Since we didn't want smaller teams to be at a disadvantage of winning prizes, we incorporated a new team award: highest completion percentage. This metric was the total number of points on a given team divided by eligible members. Team Crunchy Water, YorkU CSHub, tallied a perfect score. The team of 11 members all completed 21 challenges earning 231 points. In fact, there were 61 teams who all earned a perfect score, but Crunchy Water won based on a random draw.

A special mention should go to Women in Web Development. They had a whopping 1,752 points with an impressive 186 members.

21-Day Coding Challenge Heroes

The coding challenge is about more than just prizes. The following people went above and beyond in enhancing the overall experience of the 21DCC.

Forum Board Unsung Hero

Our community forum was once again a popular hit among participants as a place for discussion. Among the hundreds of participants, a few stood out in particular. David (user iamdp) made 21 tutorial videos and shared them on the forum. These videos were great for beginners and for anyone looking for help on each of the 21 challenges.

21DCC GIF Genius: Venkat

For the third consecutive 21-Day Coding Challenge, Venkat was a GIF extraordinaire on social media. Like they did in October and in May, Venkat (@vgkrish) shared a GIF with us for each challenge they completed.

21DCC High Schoolers

This round, we had a number of high schools partake in the challenge. Honourable mentions go to the Irish Coders, a group from Ottawa's St. Patrick's High School who finished in second place, and the Marauder Mavens, a group from Ottawa's Mervale High School. It's great to see high schoolers improve their programming skills, and it's especially great to see they did it together in the classroom.

Lighthouse Labs Cross-country Rivalry

Lighthouse Labs has six locations across the country and our east and west offices went head-to-head for bragging rights and a party. Team east, CrypTO, prevailed with 265 points, good for 16th overall on the prizing leaderboard. Team west, Vangroovy, scored 141 points. CrypTO had 20 members while Vangroovy had 13 members.

Finally, thank you to our community partners and sponsors for helping make the 21-Day Coding Challenge possible: BC Tech Association and UBC BizTech.

Take a look at the full list of prize winners below.

Prize Winners

  • Day 1: Apple Magic Mouse 2 - Jean-David P., Scott P.
  • Day 2: Anker Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Artem M., Philippe L.
  • Day 3: Crave Gift Card - Can L., Parnian T.
  • Day 4: Spotify Gift Card - Jaskaran S., Adrian H.
  • Day 5: Indigo Gift Card - Franck D.G., Isobel G.
  • Day 6: Google Chromecast - Christopher L., Natalie T.
  • Day 7: Amazon Gift Card - David R., Crystal M.
  • Day 8: Bluetooth Tile Pro - Malcolm W., Bassem K.
  • Day 9: Sims 4 Game - Carlo C., Jessica M.
  • Day 10: Kasa Smart Plug Mini (2-Pack) by TP-Link - Megan Y., Michael X.
  • Day 11: Best Buy Gift Card - Tak C., Justin S.
  • Day 12: Suburbia Board Game - Aliakbar E., Richard M.
  • Day 13: Google Home Mini - Anastasiia Z., Alejandro A.
  • Day 14: Apple AirPods - Gabrielle A., Erika D.
  • Day 15: Netflix Gift Card - Juan E., Julie D.
  • Day 16: Fitbit Inspire HR - Alexander S., Hugo S.
  • Day 17: Mophie powerstation PD - Isabelle A., Stephan G.
  • Day 18: Audible Gift Card - Eric J., Chelsea B.
  • Day 19: Zojirushi SM-SC36HM Stainless Mug, Slate Gray - Rafael B., Kristofer E.
  • Day 20: Happy Home Gift Card - Kingston F., Jesse P.
  • Day 21: EB Games Gift Card - Jerry K., Bhargavi P.

Finalist Prizes

  • Apple Watch Series 5 - Cesar J.
  • PS4 - Scott D.
  • LG Ultra Widescreen Monitor - Samuel R.
  • ModernistLook MAX II Upgraded Backpack - Quinn R.

Grand Prize

  • Trip for two to Austin, Texas - Jeremy C.

Team Prizes

  • Completion - Crunchy Water
  • Overall - #2886BB

That's it for now. See you again for another round of the 21-Day Coding Challenge coming spring 2020.

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