Career Services Support for Employers Finding the perfect candidate for each job posting can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, there is a game-changing solution that can transform your hiring process — Career Services Support.

At Lighthouse Labs, our dedicated Career Services Support team takes the guesswork out of recruitment by curating a carefully selected list of graduates from our renowned bootcamps, fine-tuned to match your specific employer requirements.

Before we dive into our Career Services Support, we'll break down the challenges employers face in finding tech talent.

Importance of Tech Talent

The demand for tech talent is alive and well.

CBRE's 2023 Scoring Tech Talent report, which offers insights into 75 North American markets, reveals there are 7.1 million tech professionals in Canada. The country's tech workforce has grown by 150,000 individuals, representing a substantial 15.7% increase since 2020, surpassing the United States' 11.4% increase over the same period. Canadian tech hubs with the most demand include Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

Despite the rising demand, employers face the following challenges when hiring recruits:

  • Intense Competition: The demand for tech professionals often outweighs the supply. In cyber security alone, there's a shortage of more than 2.7 million professionals worldwide. As a result, employers need to hire individuals to eliminate the skill gap in their organization.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: The tech industry has faced criticism for its lack of diversity. According to [TechReport(), women hold only 26.7% of tech employment. Minorities comprise 38% of the high-tech workforce—20% of Asians, 8% of Hispanic and Latino workers, and 7% of Black workers.

  • Keeping Up With Evolving Technologies: Due to the tech industry's rapid evolution, employers must invest in ongoing training and development programs or hire new talent with the right skills, which can be costly.

The Rise of Tech Career Services for Employers

In the past, tech professionals often relied on personal networks and online job boards to find employment. As the tech sector grew, it became evident that a more structured approach was necessary to match tech organizations with suitable candidates.

Lighthouse Labs bootcamps aimed to fill this gap by taking on the role of talent brokers. They provided mentorship, impact initiatives, interview preparation, and resume-building information sessions to prepare their graduates for the workforce. From there, they curated a pool of qualified candidates and matched them with employers, which helped address issues in the tech recruitment process.

Key Offerings & Benefits of Tech Career Services for Employers

Lighthouse Labs' Career Services Support offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of employers in the tech industry. Here's our list of notable services:

1. Wage Subsidy Program

By partnering with Lighthouse Labs, employers can access the Wage Subsidy Program, which can either partially or fully cover wages and other employment-related costs associated with hiring new talent. The unique program helps you reduce the financial burden of onboarding promising professionals from day one.

Here's how it works:

  • Step 1: Get in touch with the Lighthouse Labs Career Services team to explore available wage subsidies, discuss eligibility criteria, access recruitment events and connect with our pool of talented graduates,
  • Step 2: Hire a Lighthouse Labs graduate who has completed our intensive web development, cyber security, or data programs.
  • Step 3: Use the Wage Subsidy Program to obtain funding for wages and other employment-related costs.

By exploring the talent pool of Lighthouse Labs, you'll have access to highly skilled individuals from diverse communities and give them a job opportunity.

2. Recruiting and Screening Help

Lighthouse Labs goes beyond introducing you to potential candidates. They provide end-to-end support like talent acquisition strategies and skills assessment tools throughout the hiring process.

From resume curation to interview scheduling, onboarding, and even post-employment mentoring, the Career Services Support team is committed to making the hiring experience as seamless and efficient as possible.

3. Candidate Matching

Lighthouse Labs Career Services Support team asks employers to provide their eligibility criteria. From there, the team matches them with the right graduate who aligns with their hiring needs.

Our team can work closely with your organization to identify and introduce individuals who fit your company's culture, values, and technical requirements.

4. Industry Expertise

Lighthouse Labs provides graduates with quality education and mentorship to prepare them for the tech industry. By connecting with our Career Support Services team, you'll have access to graduates who are technically skilled and well-prepared to thrive in the fast-paced environment.

Diversity & Inclusion in Tech Hiring: Enriching Your Team Through Empowerment

In today's tech landscape, diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords. A diverse team gives you access to various perspectives and ideas. These differing viewpoints can help you create more robust and practical solutions to make your team more adaptable and resilient.

Here's how tech career services can help you improve diversity and inclusion:

  • Access to a diverse talent pool: Tech career services connect underrepresented students and alumni with employers, which helps broaden their talent pool. They also provide mentorship and support programs to ensure full time employees are skilled to navigate the tech industry.

  • Access to educational resources and employer training programs: Career services sometimes provide educational resources so that employers can create more inclusive workplaces. For example, they can help you avoid interview bias or implement more inclusive company policies.

  • Financial accessibility: Wage subsidies help reduce the financial burden on employers looking to hire new talent. By covering employment-related costs, wage subsidy programs level the playing field and ensure candidates from underrepresented communities have access to job opportunities and tech roles.

Diversity in Tech Hiring With Lighthouse Labs

Talent acquisition is a big challenge for many tech organizations.

Lighthouse Labs' Career Services Support gives you access to talented students and alumni from diverse backgrounds. Our team can match you with graduates who meet your eligibility requirements and align with your company's values. And thanks to our Wage Subsidy Program, you can get financial assistance to expand your organization.

This way, you can harness diverse perspectives, foster innovation, and secure top talent.