We are so excited to announce that Lighthouse Labs full-time Web Development Bootcamp has been approved by the Alberta government as being eligible for Alberta Student Aid! This is the first official offering of student loans for Lighthouse Labs anywhere in Canada, so it's big news! But navigating student loans can be tricky, that’s why we’re here to break down exactly what all this means for those of you living in (and not living in) Alberta.


Which Programs Are Eligible in Alberta?

  • Currently, the only designated program that is approved for Alberta Student Aid is the full-time Web Development Bootcamp which is offered at our Calgary location. The Web Development Bootcamp is approved and registered in Alberta and the full details on that can be found on the Government of Alberta website.
  • At this time, Lighthouse Labs Part-Time programs are not eligible for Alberta Student Aid.

Who Can Apply?

  • Alberta residents can apply to Alberta Student Aid if they plan to attend the full-time Web Development Bootcamp at the Lighthouse Labs Calgary location. Alberta residents cannot yet apply for student loans for other Lighthouse Labs locations (for example: Vancouver or Toronto). That is because other Lighthouse Labs locations are not yet designated by the provinces in which those campus location office are located.
  • Students who currently live in other provinces who wish to attend Lighthouse Labs in Calgary must apply through their home provinces’ Student Aid system (for example: OSAP or SABC) to request that the Lighthouse Labs Calgary location also be designated by the home province for the student who is applying.

How Do I Apply?

Click on the Government of Alberta Student Aid website for more information on how to apply.

Do I Need to be Accepted to Bootcamp Before I Apply?

No. Once your application is received by the Alberta government, Lighthouse Labs will receive an email with confirmation documents to fill out and verify. Remember that the full-time Web Development Bootcamp program starts four weeks before the start of in-class bootcamp. Therefore, you will need to set up your Student Aid Alberta account and begin your application process at least three months before the start of the in-class bootcamp.

Are There Other Scholarships I Should Know About?

Yes! There is a Scholarship Award exclusively for Albertans who identify as female and are enrolled in "a program that will advance gender equality and promote self-advocacy of women, including studying in fields where women are under-represented." The Lighthouse Labs Bootcamp program qualifies. For more details and to apply, go here.

The Bottom Line

At Lighthouse Labs, we understand that attending Bootcamp is a big decision for a lot of reasons, including financial. That is why we are working hard to be recognized for student loans Canada wide. We’ve also got a few other financing resources available to help you navigate paying for Lighthouse Labs tuition.

Have more questions? Reach out to us and we can provide you with updates and additional information on student loans.