Lighthouse Speaker Series returns this Thursday at 4:00pm with Boris Mann! The talk will go for 45 minutes plus Q&A. A synopsis of his talk below:

Harvesting knowledge

How to capture everything you learn & make your future self love you

We are always learning. Whether we search for the answer to a question we have or an error we're having in a piece of code, that practice of what to search for and sifting through the results is learning. Some of the time the answer might be obvious, we solve our current problem and move on. Other times, we have to look in 2 or three different places, synthesize the answer, and apply it. What are you doing to capture that type of learning? How do you share it with others, including your future self?

About Boris

Boris Mann is founder and managing partner of Full Stack, a "napkin capital" angel investment firm that works with and funds early stage technology companies.

Boris has been active in the Vancouver startup ecosystem for almost a decade. His first local startup was Bryght, the first commercial Drupal company. He then went on to co-found Bootup Labs, the first startup accelerator in Canada.

Boris holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Victoria, where he went after a coin flip made him choose between university and becoming a professional chef.

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