This week's Speaker Series will be with Kenneth Ormandy of Chloi! Join us Thursday, June 26th 5:00pm - 6:00pm at Lighthouse Labs for this great talk!

Attendance is free, but please register here

Topic:"Efficient Web Type, c. 1556"

It’s 1556, and Pierre Haultin is finishing punching a metal letter for a completely impractical book: space-efficient typographically, but far too small to read.

He intentionally looked for limits; we’re still facing dilemmas of typographic efficiency centuries later. The performance of web fonts impacts the experience of the web, just as type does visually. This talk introduces the practical improvements the new WOFF (Web Open Font Format) 2.0 format will bring to designers and developers, the challenges its working group faced, and suggests ongoing best practices for improving the perceived performance of fonts on the web.

About The Speaker

Kenneth Ormandy is a designer at Chloi Inc. There, he helps build tools like Harp, the static web server with built-in preprocessing. He also organises the Type Brigade meetup, and studies type design at Emily Carr University.