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Madiha has worked as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer and Tester back home. After moving to Canada, her focus shifted to her family and kids, while onside she ran a home-based website development and SEO business supporting small businesses in her community. Later, when she felt she was ready to return to the tech industry, she recognized the competitive job market and the need to update her skills, so she enrolled in Lighthouse Labs' Web Development Flex Program. The Program boosted her confidence and provided crucial support from instructors and mentors, leading to her successful transition to a Front-End Engineer role at Bear Cloud Studios. Her advice to those looking to transition into a tech career emphasizes embracing technology's significance and career opportunities, especially with remote work providing flexibility.

What were you up to before Lighthouse Labs?

I ran a small business where I supported other small businesses with their web presence, including websites, social media campaigns, and advertisements.

What led you to want to take a tech Program, and why did you choose Lighthouse Labs?

I hold a Master's degree in Computer Sciences. Since moving to Canada, my focus shifted to my family and children. Now that my children are more independent, I want to return to the industry and find a job. However, the job market is extremely competitive, so I realized I needed additional education to bridge the gap between my skills and market demands. After extensive research, consulting with numerous graduates, and discussing with IT professionals, I decided to enroll in Lighthouse Labs. Quite honestly, this decision has been a game-changer for my career!

Tell us about your experience with the Web Development Flex Program.

Participating in this program has significantly boosted my confidence, instilling in me the belief that I can learn anything. I opted for the Flex Program, and despite the flexibility, I faced challenges in completing the work on time. However, the exceptional support from the instructors and the readily available help made a huge difference. What truly stood out was the network of highly qualified mentors. Their guidance was indispensable; they assisted me in grasping complex concepts and understanding assignments. I am immensely grateful to all the mentors whose support was crucial to my success.

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How did the Web Development Flex Program impact your career?

The program had a profound impact on my career. I'm aware that many people struggle to enter the job market due to intense competition and stringent requirements. However, upon completing the course, the Career Services team guided me efficiently toward job applications, resume updates, and profile enhancements. I worked closely with Lauren Alexander and Mahwish Nasrullah, who were instrumental in helping me secure my first job. The experience was extraordinary and truly transformative for my career path.

Talk to us about your new job! Explain a little of what you do now.

I am currently employed as a Front-End Engineer at Bear Cloud Studios, where I have honed my expertise in Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and React. My responsibilities include transforming design mockups into functional web interfaces, ensuring a seamless user experience and responsiveness across various devices. I collaborate closely with the design and development teams to enhance UI/UX and optimize performance. My contributions to project success involve coding, testing, debugging, and refining the front-end architecture. I have played a crucial role in meeting project objectives and exceeding user expectations through continuous improvement and innovation.

Looking forward, I might also work in the same company with AWS, as I aim to become a Full-Stack Developer. This will allow me to expand my technical capabilities and contribute more comprehensively to future projects.

What do you appreciate most about your new career or what are you most hopeful for moving forward?

What I appreciate most about my new career is the remote working aspect. It's absolutely phenomenal to have the ability to work while being close to my family. This level of flexibility and work-life balance is not common in many industries, so I am truly grateful for it.

What’s next? Tell us about you and your future career goals.

Moving forward, I am focused on keeping my skill set relevant and dynamic, recognizing that the technology industry is constantly evolving. To avoid becoming stagnant in one area of expertise, I am committed to continuous learning and development. My immediate goal is to gain more hands-on experience with C#, .NET, and Azure, as these are critical areas in the tech field. Additionally, I am considering acquiring skills in graphic design to further broaden my capabilities. This holistic approach to skill development will ensure that I stay ahead in the ever-changing tech landscape and continue to grow in my career.

What advice would you give someone who wants to transition into a tech career?

My advice to anyone looking to transition into a tech career would be to embrace the fact that technology is the future. It's evident in our daily lives; no matter where you go or what you do, technology plays a pivotal role. I've observed many colleagues and fellow students in my Program who came from diverse backgrounds, and they've successfully integrated into the tech industry. Tech is not a fleeting trend; it's here to stay, offering substantial career opportunities. Additionally, the possibility of remote work in tech careers is a significant advantage, providing flexibility and a better work-life balance. So, if you're considering a switch to tech, now is a great time to make that leap and harness the opportunities it offers.

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This and other success stories were supported by the ICT Boost initiative, funded by the Government of Canada's Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program (SWSP).