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Before Oliver joined Lighthouse Labs, he worked in data analytics within healthcare. Looking to advance his career in data science and machine learning engineering, Oliver chose Lighthouse Labs for its reputable and established program. The full-time Data Science Bootcamp provided a dynamic environment with supportive instructors and valuable hands-on projects, leading Oliver to secure his first role in computer vision modelling only a week after completing the Bootcamp. This experience has set the stage for Oliver's current position, with future aspirations to transition further into machine learning engineering roles.

What were you up to before Lighthouse Labs?

Before Lighthouse Labs, I worked for a large private health insurer as a data analyst.

What led you to want to take a tech Program, and why did you choose Lighthouse Labs?

I wanted to take the next step toward my ultimate goal, which was to get into data science/machine learning engineering. Lighthouse Labs presented itself as a reputable and established provider capable of providing me with what I needed to succeed.

What is data science engineering?

Data science engineers design and build systems for collecting, storing, and analyzing data at scale. You can find data science engineers in every industry.

What is machine learning engineering?

Machine learning engineers design and build software that can automate machine learning and artificial intelligence models.

Tell us about your experience with the Data Science Bootcamp.

The 12-week Data Science Bootcamp was exciting and fast-paced (in a good way) - I was never bored. The instructors were supportive and incredibly knowledgeable. I appreciated the projects we got to work on and the feedback given on them.

How did the Data Science Bootcamp impact your career?

I was able to land my first role within a week of finishing the Bootcamp. The role was in the computer vision space, which wasn't a primary focus of the Bootcamp; however, for my final project during the program, I chose to take on a computer vision task. The knowledge gained and feedback received from that project were directly applicable to the role I transitioned into.

Talk to us about your new job! Explain a little of what you do now.

My current role is data science/machine learning engineering focused, and more specifically, my work involves researching, developing, and building a computer vision model for emotion classification.

What is a computer vision model?

A computer vision model takes an image as input and then outputs information about the objects that it detects, such as what the object is and where it is.

What do you appreciate most about your new career or what are you most hopeful for moving forward?

I appreciate the doors it has opened for me. The first role is always the hardest, but once you land it, subsequent roles become more attainable.

What’s next? Tell us about you and your future career goals.

My future goals, including subsequent roles, involve a shift away from data science and into machine learning engineering or machine learning operations roles, which focus more on deploying models into production and the entire model lifecycle.

What advice would you give someone who wants to transition into a tech career?

The best time was yesterday. The next best time is now.

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