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Robert was a recent Bachelor of Science graduate before making the jump into the tech industry through Lighthouse Labs' Cybersecurity Bootcamp. Before Bootcamp, he explored his passion for technology through hobbies like tinkering with computers and gaming, gradually shifting away from health sciences during his university years. Opting for Lighthouse Labs' Cybersecurity Bootcamp allowed him to explore a career in tech without spending additional years in university. Robert shares insights into his Bootcamp experience, highlighting the challenges and rewards of the immersive program and its profound impact on his career trajectory. From mastering complex concepts to securing an internship as a Cybersecurity Analyst at a data science and AI company, Robert reflects on the valuable skills gained and the exciting prospects ahead in his new Cybersecurity career.

What were you up to before Lighthouse Labs?

Before attending Lighthouse Labs, I attended university from 2018 to 2023, where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Pharmacology.

What led you to want to take a tech Program, and why did you choose Lighthouse Labs?

Throughout my life, I’ve always been interested in tech, whether that meant playing around with computers or video games in general. As I progressed through my university experience, I found myself gravitating away from health sciences more and more. The reason that I chose Lighthouse Labs was that the Cybersecurity Bootcamp gave me a way to see if a career in this field was right for me without having to go back to school for so many years and completely start over.

Tell us about your experience with the Cybersecurity Bootcamp.

It goes without saying that the Program was one of the toughest things that I have done in my life. The immersive Bootcamp is certainly not for everyone due to the pace, but if you stay on top of it, you will learn so much in a short time. I always appreciated how engaged our instructors and mentors were with us. They made us want to learn more each day and were always present to guide us to understand tough topics better.

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How did the Cybersecurity Bootcamp impact your career?

It certainly opened a new career pathway for me. As a new university graduate (before the Bootcamp), I was a bit worried that I did not have the same professional or life experiences as others. However, in the Bootcamp, we all held the same starting position regardless of our prior knowledge, and I feel like I have gained the skills to be able to contribute effectively in a cybersecurity role.

Talk to us about your new job! Explain a little of what you do now.

Currently, I am completing an internship as a Cybersecurity Analyst for a data science and AI company. My role has primarily revolved around risk management and security research. Throughout the weeks, I have examined the company's various software and programs to ensure that security is optimized and any threat vectors are minimized.

What do you appreciate most about your new career or what are you most hopeful for moving forward?

I am so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to use my learned skills in a real-life setting and make meaningful contributions to an organization's security architecture. I hope that I can continue to grow professionally and foster a successful career in Cybersecurity.

What’s next? Tell us about you and your future career goals.

My main goal at the moment is to continue to grow my knowledge and skill set. My aim is to prepare myself for a full-time position within the next two months. It would be great if my internship could transition to a full-time job, and if not, I am studying to write the CompTIA Security+ exam in a few weeks.

What advice would you give someone who wants to transition into a tech career?

Do not be afraid to ask for help along the way. I would not be anywhere close to where I am right now if I did not have others in my life to guide my path and help me grow. You also need to put yourself out there and network so you can meet like-minded individuals who may have advice on how to improve.

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