Pack Your Bags: The 21-Day Data Challenge Is Back!

Starting April 11th, Lighthouse Labs is launching the 21-Day Data Challenge: Around the World in 21 Days! Traveling over the past couple of years has been just a smidge complicated! With this year’s 21DDC, you can take a journey across the globe from the comfort of your home, all while learning new digital skills! During the challenge you’ll follow the protagonist, Dot, as they set off on an intercontinental adventure in a COVID-free world. You’ll assist them on their travels by solving engaging problems using data skills. From April 11th to May 1st, you’ll complete daily data analysis challenges using Python, SQL, and Pandas to compete with others for a variety of amazing prizes.

The 21 daily challenges will guide you through a fun and engaging storyline while teaching you necessary data skills. After the end of the pandemic Dot has some money saved up, and they’re using it to cross the globe on a continent-spanning vacation. As they journey to Barcelona, Bangkok, Dubai, and more, they’ll need your help to solve the problems they encounter. You’ll use entry-level data skills like data manipulation and data visualization to help Dot on their adventure.

Did we mention prizes? With every challenge you complete, you’ll earn more entries into the prize draws. You’ll (1) learn data skills, (2) gain chances to win sweet prizes, and (3) compete against your friends and enemies for programming success. Seriously, what’s better than that? Oh wait, we know: all of this is completely free!

Want to learn data and win prizes with the 21-Day Data Challenge?

Build a Daily Data Practice

Learning a new skill is simply more effective when you make a habit of it. Think about the concept of immersion. It’s well-known that the best way to learn a new language is to immerse yourself in its native environment. The 21-Day Data Challenge is designed to immerse participants in data analysis and have you learn more about Python, as well as things like SQL and Pandas.

Each challenge will have you devoting 30 minutes of your day to learning more about Python and data analysis. Every day will be styled around a basic concept fundamental to Python and data analysis, like data manipulation, statistics, SQL, data visualization, and more. You’ll come out of the 21 days with a solid foundation in data analysis from which to keep learning.

When learning a skill as complex as data, there’s always more to be done. We’ll have resources that facilitate deeper learning attached to each challenge. Plus, in the days leading up to the challenge, we’ll be providing resources that will help you sufficiently prepare to take on the 21 days, no matter your skill level.

Multiple Chances to Win Great Prizes

Learning for its own sake is great, but sometimes you need an incentive to help you stay motivated. What’s a better motivator than the chance to snag some great prizes? By completing daily challenges in the 21DDC, you’re not only enhancing your data skills. You’re also improving your chances to win from a selection of awesome prizes every day!

The 21-Day Data Challenge has scores and scores of prizes up for grabs. We’re not kidding: there are 21 daily prizes, four finalist prizes, a team prize, and a grand prize. With every challenge you complete you’ll have a shot at winning a daily prize, like a gift card to one of your favourite shops. Plus, you’ll earn points that increase your chances of winning the grand prize: a $4000 travel voucher that you can use to build your own dream trip. Complete every challenge, and you can win one of the four finalist prizes, like an electric bike or a Nintendo Switch. Plus, the winning team will score a $400 Best Buy gift card for every member of the team. That’s a lot of prizes!

Compete With and Against Others

You don’t have to go it alone when completing your challenges. The 21-Day Data Challenge is seriously more fun with friends. Assemble your comrades and form a team of up to 4 members to play together. You’ll even get to pool together your points to go towards winning the team prize.

Even if you’re playing alone, you won’t really be stranded and lonesome. You’ll have access to the 21DDC forum, where you can post inquiries, tips, and tricks, or banter with other participants. Have a bit of a competitive spirit in you? Keep yourself motivated through all 21 days by striving to come out on top and beat out the competition.

Ready to start winning through the 21-Day Data Challenge?