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Front End Developer Course with Javascript

Course Overview

  • 6 Weeks

    6 Weeks

  • 2 evenings per week

    2 evenings per week

  • 3 hours per evening

    3 hours per evening

  • Availability

    Online Live or In-person*

* Until further notice, all of our courses will be delivered online.

Learn how to build and style websites and landing pages using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. During this 6 week program you will build your own website from scratch, learn the core principles of responsive design, and leverage JavaScript to make your site dynamic and interactive. If you manage a website, want to build your own website, or work with dev teams building web applications, this program will provide you with a great foundation in front-end web development.

Who is it for?

New to coding? The Intro to Front-End with JavaScript program is a great starting point. In 6 weeks, you'll go from no coding experience to structuring web pages with HTML, styling them with CSS, and adding dynamic functionality using JavaScript. We will round out the 6 weeks with a look at AJAX and API requests to enable your website to dynamically display information from other web services like Twitter, Google Maps, and more.

  • 6 week part time coding program

    Coding Newbies

    This program is designed to whet your appetite for learning to code. If you are curious about how websites are built and want to try it first hand this program is a great platform to do so.

  • build app idea

    Personal Projects

    Do you operate a blog or website and want to make it stand out? Or maybe you have an idea for the 'next big thing'? The fundamentals we cover will kickstart your ability to bring those ideas to life.

  • coding for professional development

    Professional Development

    Are you a marketer who is trying to customize email templates, landing pages, and WordPress sites? Are you grappling with tracking pixels and tag management? Or are you a Product Manager or Designer working with a dev team on a web application? This program will empower you to take on tasks yourself and communicate more effectively with your in-house and outsourced development teams.

  • coding bootcamp intro program

    Future Bootcamp Students

    Unsure if a career as a developer is right for you? Our part-time program is a great way to dip your toe in the pool before diving right in. It will give you a great introduction to the world of software development.

What you will learn:

  • Web development basics

    Web Development 101

    What does all that code mean? Have the intricacies explained in a way that informs and empowers you.

  • html css bootcamp

    HTML & CSS

    Learn to create gorgeous, responsive web pages and captivate audiences using HTML5 and CSS3.

  • learn javascript


    JavaScript is the universal programming language of the web, used by many and loved by all. It makes websites dynamic and interactive and is the key to unlocking the full potential of front-end web development.

  • learn jquery


    Make your projects stand out through the use of jQuery, one of the most popular JavaScript libraries.

Learn from home

For six years, we’ve delivered hands-on education to growth-minded professionals, equipping them with the tech-driven skills for the future of work. Now, we're taking our programs fully online to ensure the safety of our community and prepare our students for the increasingly remote workforce.

Backed by years of success, we deliver the same great education, now from the convenience of your own home.

Online courses

Inside View of Our Front End Developer Course with Javascript

Download the curriculum package for our front end developer course to find out how it’s structured, what tools you’ll be working with, and what you can accomplish by the end of the course.

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Learn from professional developers who bring years of experience and passion for mentorship into the classroom.

  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Brandin Chiu
    Spoonity, Inc
    Brandin has been developing software and web solutions for almost a decade. He brings with him a passion for digital literacy and is backed by a strong belief in the importance of self-reliance. He's excited to be working with Lighthouse Labs to help propel the next generation of developers to success!
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Bassim Sadik
    Bassim is a hockey addict and fantasy sports lover with a background in economics who has always had a passion for coding. He was a part of the March 2017 Web Development cohort at LHL and has been working as a front-end developer since graduating.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Alvin Ng
    Alvin has had a wide range of careers from a car salesman to liquor auditor - But he's always had a passion for building things and after he graduated from LHL he was hooked. Outside of the office, he could be found playing ultimate, softball or boxing. He is level 3 first aid certified.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Mark Zsombor
    Mark made a switch from Chemistry to Coding with the help of LHL and now fills his days hunting & squashing bugs, then creating new ones in an endless cycle. He's a strong proponent of the importance of digital literacy and personal improvement. When not coding he's an avid gamer and enjoys hiking.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Chuck Kosman
    Former earth sciences scholar and educator, Chuck graduated from our web dev bootcamp in March 2017. When not in front of a screen or DnD table, he is in constant search for the newest and most delicious craft beer the Lower Mainland has to offer.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Daniel Corner
    Daniel is a self-taught web developer with a background in biotech, passionate about data visualisation, digital literacy, and keyboard shortcuts! With the wealth of generous teachers sharing skills online he was able to pivot careers in a jiffy, and can't wait to share what he's learned.
  • coding bootcamp Instructor
    Fred Lavoie
    Fred is a full-stack web developer who enjoys helping others solve problems. As a graduate of the Lighthouse Lab's Bootcamp, Fred is excited to work with students to help them on their journey to learning web development.

You will also be supported by our awesome staff.

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What Our Alumni Have to Say

    Not only do you leave with a new skill set under your belt, you meet a significant amount of super talented and passionate people.

    Previously: Designer
    Now: Co-Founder of Fetch

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    Lighthouse recognizes the challenges we are facing and wants to respond by supporting our community. After receiving the strong demand for our initial $500,000 scholarship (announced March 2020), we have decided to release an additional $500,000 to support students in need.

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    • What’s the difference between the Intro to Web Development and Intro to Front-End with JavaScript course?

      Think about it this way, the Intro to Web Development course covers the breadth of Web Development including both front-end and back-end, while the Intro to Front-End with JavaScript course deals solely in front-end development in greater depth. If you want to get a good understanding of how teams web technologies work and gain a better way to communicate with developers, then take the Intro to Web Development Course. However, if you want to learn more front-end skills like learning how to style websites and gain a more practical skillset, then the Intro to Front-End with JavaScript course should be your pick.

      There is no right or wrong choice but they provide different outcomes based on what you are looking to gain out of the course.

    • Which should I take: the Intro course or the Bootcamp?

      Ask yourself: "Do I want to work as a professional developer?"

      If the answer is 'yes', then there is no question that the full-time development bootcamp is the program you need.

      The goal of our bootcamp is to transform you into a professional full-stack developer. You’ll come to understand coding logic, and learn how to think like a dev by building software from the ground up using industry-relevant technologies. Our program will provide you with mentorship, data-driven curriculum and a top notch learning environment that will launch you into your first junior developer role.

      If the answer is 'not sure', taking our part-time course might be the best option.

      Our Intro to Web Development and Front End Fundamentals with JavaScript courses are excellent for:

      • People interested in learning how to code
      • People interested in learning how to communicate with a development team
      • People looking to gain career skills to help in a hybrid role
      • People interested in learning if they enjoy development before taking our Bootcamp

      You can read more on the subject in our blog post: Full-time vs. Part-time: Which Program Is For Me?

    • How often do you run cohorts and how do I apply?

      Our bootcamps run year round, on a rolling basis. In Vancouver and Toronto they starts every 4 weeks. Our part-time courses run every 6-12 weeks.

      You can see all upcoming start dates when submitting your application!

    • Do you offer corporate training?

      Yes! Many organizations have sent their employees to us to upgrade their technical skills.

      Our Intro to Web Development courses are fantastic for people looking to gain a technical knowledge of development that can help when communicating with a dev team, managing development projects, understanding technical limitations, or transitioning into a hybrid development role.

      Our Web Development Bootcamps can train someone with zero coding experience, into an agile developer in 10 weeks. This is a great option if you love your company but are looking for a career change, if you are currently a developer but need to learn new technologies, or if you're a founder looking to have more control over your the development of your product.

      We can also build custom curriculum for your organization. If you need niche technical or development training for your team, please get in touch via hello@lighthouselabs.ca.