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Student Showcase

After a few weeks of intensive training, our alumni are building amazing apps from the ground up and graduate as full-stack software developers.

Projects made with love

Our students never fail to amaze us! They build apps from the ground up with an array of technologies and tools before they even graduate. Here are few projects built at Lighthouse Labs.

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  • The Lighthouse Experience

    The Lighthouse Experience

    The Lighthouse Experience is a platformer game that follows the player through the eight weeks experience at Lighthouse Labs, fighting coding assignments and avoiding bugs.

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  • Cheetah


    A web app to watch Youtube videos with others. Users can see what public rooms are available to join and what video each room is playing. Video playback is synchronized with the admin of the room.

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  • Tangram


    In this 2D platformer based on the tangrams puzzle, you have to help Tan stop evil pigeons and get him safely home!

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  • Drop-In Pass

    Drop-In Pass

    Drop-in pass allows users to try a variety of activities and choose one that truly fits them before committing to it. It ensures businesses have customers who truly want to be there, while providing a platform to advertise at no cost.

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  • DevClout


    DevClout evaluates the coding skills and influence of developers through Github + StackOverflow, and allows them to compare their score with friends, know their rankings & see where they stand on the leaderboard.

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  • Jetify


    Find upcoming concerts in your area(or a location of your choice) and generate a playlist based on those events.

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  • Everything Calgary

    Everything Calgary

    An information app for the city of Calgary that allows users to visualize what is happening in their neighbourhood.

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  • Reflect


    A personal wellness application geared towards users who want to uplift their mental wellbeing. This app compiles the user's productivity data (via RescueTIme API), daily activities data, and daily mood data all in a single dashboard.

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  • NearHere


    NearHere allows a user to enter interests (such as food cuisines, shopping desires, parks, etc.) and receive a single map that shows their interests anywhere in the world!

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  • Rotten Coders

    Rotten Coders

    A code review generator integrated with its own slack-bot, making coding mentors lives a little easier by allowing them to tell a SlackBot about their reviews and letting technology take care of the rest.

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  • Listify


    A Soundcloud playlist management platform enabling users to curate a customized listening experience.

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  • Get My MP

    Get My MP

    Get My MP helps people get in touch with their Member of Parliament, allowing direct emailing and calling to their constituency office, as well as metrics and other notes on their activity.

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