Intro to Data Analytics

Everyone has data, but is yours helping you make good decisions? From executives to early stage professionals, we all need to learn how to analyze and interpret data. This part-time course will help you get the most out of your existing data for better business decisions.

What you will learn:

  • Ask the right questions of your data

    Ask the right questions of your data to tackle business challenges and measure data-driven success.

  • Determine what should be collected

    Determine what data should be collected, analyzed and combined based on your unique business goals.

  • Learn to extract insights from your data

    Learn to extract insights from your data to help you make more informed decisions.

  • Ensure data quality

    Ensure data quality to make sure your data is giving you accurate insights.

  • Learn how to present your data-driven insights with impact

    Learn how to present your data-driven insights with impact so you can present them effectively and share your findings with others.

  • Make the most of existing tools.

    Make the most of existing tools like Excel and Tableau, so you can learn to leverage your data using whatever tools are already at your disposal.

Through our hands-on instruction and mentorship model, you’ll learn directly from the professionals, so you can apply well-established industry processes to your existing role and expand your new data skills in a relevant and instantly applicable way.


We get it, you like details. Download the curriculum package to find out how the course is structured, what tools you will be working with, and what you should be able to accomplish by the end of the course.

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  • I'm not a Data Analyst - can I still take this course?

    But of course!

    We've designed this course for absolute data beginners. Whether you're in HR, marketing, or real estate, you'll learn the skills of basic analysis so you can apply them to your unique workspace. When we get done with you, you'll be a marketing (or fill in the blank) analyst extraordinaire!

    If you want to maximize your data-driven skills in your current field, this is the course for you. If you're considering a career in Data Analysis, this is a great way to dip your toe in the water.