A league of extraordinary people


Our Obi-Wans. Our instructors are Master craftsmen with years of industry experience, and are equally passionate about code & mentorship.


Our mentors are a community of talented developers from all spectrums of the tech world. For every seven students, we have a shining Jedi. By the time you graduate you’ll have a network of amazing developers. Your Army of Light.

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Alumni Mentors

Our alumni are a huge part of our community. They know the struggles our students are facing and are busy working as developers. This makes them great mentors, role models and homies. But we only pay them for the mentoring part.

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Then there’s the support staff. They are a quirky group of individuals who are committed to making the student experience at Lighthouse Labs second to none. They also love dogs, rubber ducks, gifs and bake offs…

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Our team is the heart and soul of our program and they want nothing more than to see our students succeed, not just in bootcamp but in their life-long careers. We are always on the lookout and have part-time and full-time positions for devs who want to help pass the torch to the next generation of programmers. Interested? Drop us a line at teaching@lighthouselabs.ca.

If you can’t imagine a better environment than a dog filled, hard working and passionate group of weirdos, then check out our careers page.

Coding Bootcamp Staff