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Hello Toronto

We love our home in downtown Toronto. Our campus is a modern dev hub, overflowing with energy and office dogs. This is where the magic happens: where our students, mentors and instructors hack, work and play

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Our home: Devhub

Our home in downtown Toronto is Devhub, a modern platform and co-working space designed to bring developers together. Meet your new roommates: a collective of developers from all spectrums of the tech world. You’ll be surrounded by mentors and badass developers. Did we mention 24/7 access and unlimited coffee?

Lighthouse Labs
Phone Number: 1 (888) 818-8890
devhub co-working space toronto
Toronto Coding School


Toronto Instructors:Learn from Toronto's Top Developers.

You will also be supported by a community of developers.

Toronto Staff:

Meet the rest of the team.


What I love about being a dev, is not just the problem solving aspect and feature creation/development, but the culture and community is such a great fit for me. It’s something that's made me realize that this my career path. This is what I'm going to do for the rest of my life.

Previously: Lead Hand, Parker Johnson Roofing
Now: Developer at Unbounce

Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

I gained the fundamentals of software engineering from university, but that doesn't teach you to be a hacker, who is good at developing a product in a fast-paced environment and is always ready to try out new technologies. This is what I learned from LHL.

Previously: Project Manager
Now: Software Engineer at Axiom Zen

Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

Not only do you leave with a new skill set under your belt, you meet a significant amount of super talented and passionate people.

Previously: Designer
Now: Co-Founder of Fetch

Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

Lighthouse Labs kickstarted my career, the curriculum is current, relevant and engaging. It was the best possible use of my time.

Previously: .Net Developer
Now: Developer at Retsly

Lighthouse Labs Testimonials

Dollars & Deposits.

Web Development Bootcamp: $9800 Prices are all-inclusive.

iOS Development Bootcamp: $9800 Prices are all-inclusive.

Intro to Web Development: $1695 Prices are all-inclusive.

Intro to iOS Development: $1695 Prices are all-inclusive.

Front-End Fundamentals with Javascript: $1695 Prices are all-inclusive.

Upon completing your application, you’ll be prompted to pay a non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot in the course. Graduates of the Intro to Web or iOS Development program will receive an $850 credit towards our Web or iOS Development Bootcamp.

Start Dates:

Intro to Web Development

May 22 - Jun 28

Jul 3 - Aug 9

Aug 14 - Sep 20


Intro to iOS Development

Jul 2 - Aug 8

Sep 24 - Oct 31



Front End Fundamentals with Javascript

May 21 - Jun 27

Aug 13 - Sep 19



Web Development Bootcamp

May 7 - Jul 13

Jun 4 - Aug 10

Jul 2 - Sep 7

Jul 30 - Oct 5

Aug 27 - Nov 2

Sep 24 - Nov 30



iOS Development Bootcamp

Jun 4 - Aug 10

Jul 30 - Oct 5

Sep 24 - Nov 30


* This is a post secondary program where high school completion is a prerequisite, or provincial age of majority.

Community Events

We <3 community and will take any excuse to bring awesome people together! We host a myriad of meetups, guest speakers, and hackathons on regular basis. Our favourite is our monthly Demo Days, when our latest grads show off their final projects over much pizza and beer. Why don’t you join us? We’d love to meet you! Here are our upcoming events:

Check out all our events