Lighthouse Labs COVID-19 Scholarship Fund

*This scholarship is no longer available. Please see our Financial Guide for financing options.

With the release of the most recent unemployment numbers today by the Federal Government, we continue to see many Canadians struggling to find jobs in this economic climate. The slightly dropped unemployment rate indicates that while we are beginning to recover, the process will be a slow one and there’s still much work to be done.

That’s why we’ve decided in addition to the $500,000 in scholarships we announced in March, we will double our efforts, with an additional $500,000. This brings Lighthouse’s total contribution toward COVID-19 recovery to $1 million.

We are contributing an additional $500,000 towards our COVID-19 Scholarship Fund.

Coming from a variety of industries including film, hospitality and retail more than 150 students have already received the scholarship. Feedback has shown that our programs provide people with the tools they need to navigate uncertain economic climates - whether they were looking to upskill, or reskill altogether.

As before, scholarships will be given out in installments of up to $5000 for our full-time bootcamps, and $750 installments for part-time courses.

If you’re curious about the outcomes of students that have gone through our bootcamp (including since the COVID-19 pandemic reached Canada), we welcome you to download our latest student outcomes report. To give you a sneak peek, in 2019, 95% of job-seeking graduates found employment within 180 days. Additionally, in the midst of COVID-19, graduates continue to find success earning on average $53,264 in their first post-bootcamp role.

As added support for those who have lost their jobs during COVID-19, Lighthouse Labs also launched the Career Accelerator, a free program to help you navigate career uncertainty.

As our first cohort of scholarship recipients prepares to graduate, we are proud to have found a tangible way to help and are excited to continue to do so.

Stay safe.