Why You Should Learn Python

What is Python?

Python is a high level, open-source, server-side programming language. It’s easy to read, object-oriented, and super scalable. Python is such a versatile programming language that it can be used for full-stack development, data science, game development, business intelligence, cybersecurity, machine learning, and potentially even more. It’s well-known as one of the easiest programming languages to learn as your first language.

Python was created by Guido van Rossum in the 1980s and has since evolved through more than three versions. Python began as a side project that was designed to tackle some of the frustrations van Rossum was having with other coding languages. He wanted a language that was simple, elegant, efficient, and fun to use. Python automatically enforces syntax rules, which is part of what makes it especially user-friendly and fun to use.

The Python community puts a big emphasis on making coding fun. From the origin of the name Python to the Zen of Python, everything about this language has a sense of humor. The Zen of Python is 19 aphorisms written by Tim Peters, developer and later Python Software Foundation board member, in 1999.

The most important tenet of the Zen of Python for beginners is, “There should be one –– and preferably only one –– obvious way to do it.” This principle and all of the 19 other principles make Python even more straightforward. The other tenets include rules for readability, beauty, simplicity, special cases, and even a joke about the language’s creator.

The Rise of Python

The early 2000s brought an exponential increase to the amount of data that companies stored, tracked, and managed. Plus, social media companies started booming after Facebook’s rise in 2005 which brought enormous amounts of data to the scene. Python was the perfect language for startups who had a hand in the big data boom.

Over its lifetime, Python has gone from competing with niche languages like Perl in the 1990s to surpassing staple languages like Java in 2019. Python is one of the most popular languages in the world with over 8.2 million developers using it globally. It’s still the fastest-growing programming language and it will likely be the most popular language in the world within the next few years.

Why is Python Popular?

Python is very versatile in comparison to its competitors. It can be used for:

  • Data Science
  • Web Development
  • Scientific and Mathematical Computing
  • Research
  • Finance and Trading
  • System Automation and Administration
  • Game Development and Graphics
  • Security Testing
  • Geography Applications

Why You Should Learn Python

Google, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, NASA, Pinterest, Spotify, and Dropbox all use Python. Some companies, like Netflix, even have departments specifically created to develop open-source Python frameworks. Plus, it’s the primary language taught at a traditional four-year Computer Science programs. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to a four-year college, a bootcamp where python (like a Data Science Bootcamp) is taught will give you a competitive edge once you enter the job market.

Python web frameworks like Django and Flask allow developers to write web applications efficiently with ease. These powerful tools are compatible with other coding languages as well, which makes it easy to incorporate into full-stack development. Frameworks like NumPy, TensorFlow, PANDAS also exist for data science applications and visualization tasks.

Data Science Bootcamp Tech Stack

Python frameworks for data science have made it quick and easy to work with differently-indexed data.

In addition to being versatile, popular, and easy to learn, Python is an in-demand job skill. The average salary for a Python developer is $115,546 per year in Canada. On top of that, Python is among the most sought-after tech skills in Canada, according to Randstad.

Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons why we teach Python:

  1. Python is incredibly versatile and is used across the data and development industry
  2. Python jobs pay well and there is a high demand for Python in Canada
  3. Python is one of the easier programming languages to learn and the most efficient
  4. Just about every big tech company (including startups) use Python
  5. The Python community is always there for you from documentation to jokes, frameworks to forums