You’re just 21 days away from forming a daily coding habit.

We’re releasing one space-themed challenge per day between May 1-21. You can code alone, or have a team of co-pilots, and code using JavaScript as part of your mission. Creating your own team or joining one with friends or colleagues is a great way to stay motivated and keep coding fun.

The last time we hosted the virtual 21-Day Coding Challenge we had hundreds of teams competing. Some were as small as two members, while others had more than 100. Each team had their own strategies for reaching the top of the leaderboard - below, we’re sharing the best of the best tips to help you build momentum in your own team.


Teams like freeCodeCamp Toronto and Women in Web Development took advantage of Slack to communicate with their teammates. The Women in Web Development group, for example, created a new Slack channel for each of the challenges, so those who fell behind could catch up at their own speed. Plus, keeping challenges in seperate channels eliminates spoilers for those still on their own intergalactic mission.


Slack is a powerful tool for the purpose of the challenge because it specifically allows users to format snippets of code within the application itself.


Jenny Chan, the creator of the Women in Web Development group, took charge leading her team by producing two tutorial videos in October. "What Is The GRID?" and "How To Use The Browser Console” gave the team a visual walkthrough of some of the basics.


"There are lots of professional women who want to get into web development. The challenge now is how do we help more of them to transition into a web development career," Chan told us after the October 2018 edition of the challenge. "There's also a need for us to connect with each other because we are often the only technical women in our team or company. Local events are great, but they don't happen often enough or the topic might not be the right fit."

Social Media

Don’t be shy. Share any and all experience on social media throughout the 21-Day Coding Challenge. Get creative too, like Team Javengers, a group of educators who came together to form a space squad. They’re already tweeting using #TeamJavengers. Be like them and start your own hashtag.

Use the hashtag #21DCC and tag Lighthouse Labs across all social media platforms to share your coding journey. We’ll be reposting your progress throughout the challenge, as well as sharing various hints and clues.

Don’t take it from us. Members of freeCodeCamp Toronto, the winner of the October 2018 21-Day Coding Challenge, unanimously said their Facebook group and social media was a primary driver behind boosting their team’s participation.

"It was nice to have the support group behind you, as well as people to bounce ideas off of, and compare different solutions,” Chris from freeCodeCamp Toronto told us in October.

Interoffice Supremacy

If your company has its own team, not only will you be the lucky recipient of $500 towards a celebration for tallying the most points, you’ll also have office bragging rights.

Maybe your office will sweeten the pot with a prize of their own. Here at Lighthouse Labs, for example, our east and west coast offices are going head-to-head to see who can score the most points - office pride and a team celebration are both on the line. You’ll build office camaraderie while encouraging the importance of digital literacy.

To date, Art and Science, Rainforest Alberta, Pixieset, Varipix, Toronto Public Library, Hootsuite, Rose Rocket, Carlton One, MobSquad, CPA Canada, Shopify, Forsman & Bodenfors and many more companies and organizations have created a team for the 21-Day Coding Challenge. Is your team ready to compete?

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