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What is
Career Services
at Lighthouse Labs?

The Career Services team is here to help you lay out your goals and plan of attack. We’ll work closely with you to sharpen your resumé and hone your interview skills, and make sure you’re prepared for the competitive job hunt. We’ll put you face to face with potential employers at prepare you to showcase your projects at Employer Demo Day, and you’ll learn to network like a pro at the many meet-ups and networking events, including those hosted in our space!

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What can you expect from us?

In week five, you’ll meet with the Career Services team to lay out your goals and plan of attack. We will work closely with you to sharpen your resumé and hone your interview skills, and send you off to battle. We’ll put you face to face with potential employers at events like Speed-Dating and Employer Demo Day. You’ll learn to network like a pro at the copious meetups hosted in our space.

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Career Coaching

We’ll help you cultivate your career goals and lay out a plan of attack.

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Interview & Resumé Prep

You will have endless opportunities to practice your elevator pitch and we’ll show you how to highlight your assets.

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Introduction & Networking

We'll make sure you're orientated in your cities tech community and promote you to our ever-expanding of network of employers.

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Pulse on the Industry

Our Career Services team is highly connected within the industry, keeping their finger on the pulse of what skills are in demand. We make sure employers know who we are, and that our students have the talent they need.

Your duty.

We hit the ground running, and we expect you to do the same.
You need to be dedicated to creating your own opportunities. Finding a job is no easy task, and even with Career Services to guide your way we expect you to be on your game. Be a kick-ass programmer, focus on building your portfolio and keep your (rubber) ducks in a row (resumé, LinkedIn, GitHub). Do. Or do not. There is no try.

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Meet our Career Services Team.

With years of human resources and career counseling experience under their belts, our Career Services team are motivated by connecting our graduates with amazing opportunities.

  • coding bootcamp Staff
    Alain Wong
    Career Services and Community Lead, Montreal
    Alain is passionate about startups and education. At Lighthouse Labs, he helps find talent and bringing people together in the community. In his spare time, he shoots portraits, DJs and dances the Lindy Hop. He once biked from Vancouver down to Tijuana to raise awareness for microcredit.
  • coding bootcamp Staff
    Charlyne Fothergill
    Director of Career Services
    Perfectly combining her 13+ yrs experience in HR and Canada's Tech Startup community Charlyne oversees Lighthouse's employment outcomes and ensures our grads are finding jobs post bootcamp across Canada! When she's not working (which is rare) she like fine wines, fast food and the occasional yoga class.
  • coding bootcamp Staff
    Louisa Smith
    Career Services Coordinator, Toronto
    Louisa's main goal is to help people do their best work. Her secondary goal is to make the perfect cup of tea. With a counselling background and a penchant for positivity, Louisa always has a listening ear and finds new ways to problem solve. She loves watching Jeopardy and doing crosswords.

You will also be supported by our awesome staff.

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