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For six years, we’ve delivered hands-on education to growth-minded professionals, equipping them with the tech-driven skills for the future of work. Now, we're taking our programs fully online to ensure the safety of our community and prepare our learners for the increasingly remote workforce.

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Course Overview

  • Total Hours

    12 Hours over
    4 Days

  • Start Date

    Rolling Start Dates

  • HR Cases & Data

    HR Cases & Data

  • CPHR Credit*

    CPHR Credit*

  • HRPA Credits

    HRPA Credit

Data is integral to HR. In fact, data analytics is often cited as one of the fastest-growing in-demand skills within HR. Data Analytics for HR - 101 is an introduction into how you can better collect, clean, analyze, and visualize data using Excel and Tableau to make better data-driven decisions in your role.

In conjunction with CPHR, and aligned to the CPHR Competency Framework, this 12-hour course (plus 3 hours of support work outside of classes) explores HR-specific cases that cover recruiting, attrition, employee engagement, and much more.

* All participants will receive a certificate upon completion of this course.
* CPHR Nova Scotia, CPHR Saskatchewan, CPHR Alberta, CPHR Manitoba, and CPHR New Brunswick members will be given one (1) credit of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for every hour of participation. Up to 12 CPD credits available for course completion.


  • DAY 1 Data Analysis Foundations

    Learn the basics of data analysis, primarily Excel foundations and the analytics process. The main topics covered will be:
    • Data Analysis Process and Asking Questions
    • Analyzing Data and Excel Foundations
    • Descriptive Statistics, Qualitative vs. Quantitative Analysis
  • DAY 2 Data Collection & Cleaning

    Learn the necessary skills for cleaning and analyzing a data set. The main topics covered will be:
    • Data collection and combining data sets
    • Excel Techniques for Data Analysis
    • Data-driven decision-making
  • DAY 3 Planning & Forecasting

    By identifying patterns to solve business questions, defining what data should be collected and analyzed, and performing linear regression, this session builds the skills needed for effective workforce planning and forecasting. The main topics covered will be:
    • Introduction to Tableau
    • Utilize Tableau to explore and visualize data and a dataset
    • Linear Regression
  • DAY 4 Data Visualization and Dashboards

    Visualize your findings and prepare insightful Tableau dashboards. The main topics covered will be:
    • Data visualization best practices & concepts
    • Dashboard Planning
    • Build dashboards using Tableau
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How we Teach.

How We Teach
  • Interactive Live Online Classes

    Remote classes use live-stream technology to encourage collaboration. Our instructors and mentors provide personalized help for all your questions to allow you to work through the activities.

  • Hands-on People Analytics Activities

    Collect, clean, analyze and visualize data for:

    • Employee engagement
    • Employee attrition
    • Workforce planning
    • Forecasting
    • Building a quarterly HR performance deck

  • Online Mentorship

    What if you have questions during or after each class? That’s where our mentorship comes in. Mentors and instructors are available to answer your questions in real-time, or on Slack.

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