Want to become a data scientist or data analyst? Apply to Canada’s top data courses today. Available online.

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  • 12 week coding bootcamp

    12 Week Bootcamp

  • 40 hours Full-Time Immersive

    40hrs+ Full-Time

  • 4 Week Prep Module

    80hr Prep Module

  • 8:1 Mentor Ratio

    On-Demand Mentorship

This program has been approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training.

What you will learn:

  • learn Data Foundations

    Data Foundations

    Dive into Python and get to know fundamental tools such as Git, GitHub, bash commands, and Jupyter Notebooks. Build up your foundations in probability and statistics, and learn how to access JSON APIs to fetch datasets and extract key insights.

  • learn Data Wrangling

    Data Wrangling

    Learn how to clean and structure complex data sets. Apply different data wrangling techniques to prepare JSON and XML files, leverage SQL to clean your data, and use APIs to access data from various sources.

  • learn Data Visualization

    Data Visualization

    Discover how to translate your data into shareable insights with data visualization. Learn the most popular tools - like Tableau, matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly - and learn how to select the best tools to convey the story you want to tell.

  • Machine Learning

    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning is core to applied Data Science, and you’ll learn how to build Machine Learning models from the ground up, including data preparation, dimensionality reduction, optimization and evaluation.

  • Data Engineering

    Data Engineering

    Learn how to improve data quality and move models into production and deployment. Develop data engineering pipelines and Machine Learning deployment using cloud tools like Apache Spark, Docker, Flask, and more.

  • Deep Learning

    Deep Learning

    Dive into deep learning techniques and learn about the densely-connected neural networks that drive performance. Learn to identify the appropriate neural network architecture for a given problem and data set.


Since 2013, we’ve been offering outcomes-driven education to over 4,000 career-minded students and successfully delivered immersive remote education to students around the country. Our programs are online to prepare our students for the work from home culture that is growing in demand.

Students also have access to 1:1 support from mentors for help regarding technical and career-oriented questions, from debugging tips to interview prep.

Same great education & career services, also available online.

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Our Approach

Want to become a data scientist or data analyst? Apply to Canada’s top data courses today. Available online.

Inside Our Data Science Bootcamp Curriculum

Download our curriculum package for a more detailed look at our Data Science Bootcamp curriculum, educational philosophy, and the support structures we use throughout your Bootcamp journey and beyond.

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Our Students.

We’re looking for a rare breed: someone who is seeking an opportunity for extraordinary growth, ready to thrive in an intense learning environment, and LOVES data!

Above all we admire:
  • Curiosity


    If you’re the kind of person who’s been asking 'why' and 'how' since you could speak, you’ll fit right in. We believe the best Data Scientists are curious individuals who love to dig deeper and uncover new insights.

  • aptitude for coding

    Aptitude for analytics and problem solving

    You aren’t afraid of the word ‘algorithms’. You think in a logical, structured way, can find patterns in anything, and love problem-solving..

  • developer grit


    Becoming a data scientist is far from easy. Our program requires motivation, hard work, and resilience. You have goals in mind and the determination to reach them. You get it done.

  • coding culture fit

    Culture Add

    We’re an array of personalities from every imaginable background, and the result is amazing. If you’re kind, quick, and a little quirky, we’ll be fast friends.

In case it wasn’t clear:

No previous data science, data analysis, or programming experience is required to attend Lighthouse Labs.


Our mentors are experienced, working professionals who coach students through roadblocks during their course while sharing key problem-solving strategies that will set them up for success and continual growth on the job. Students can reach out at any time to receive 1:1 coaching for both technical and career-related questions, job hunting tips, and interview pointers. Mentors also help students build their network, connecting them with other industry professionals.


Take it from those who know us best. Click through to read the experiences of some of the alumni who've passed through our Data Science Bootcamp.

Our Grads are Connected with Fulfilling Tech Careers


Employment Rate

For eligible job-seeking Data Science graduates after graduation. See our latest Student Outcomes Report for a detailed breakdown of employment rates.


Starting Salary

Average starting salary in eligible job-seeking graduates' first role after Data Science Bootcamp. See our latest Student Outcomes Report for a detailed breakdown.


Career Services is the lifetime support we offer our graduates as they progress along their career journey. From connecting them with their first roles in tech post-graduation to mid-career boosts, our team will work with you at any stage in your career to identify your goals and help guide you to achieving them.

  • Career coaching

    Plan your career strategy with our team of tech recruitment experts..

  • Resume and Portfolio Reviews

    Detailed, personalized feedback and tips to elevate your resume.

  • Interview Training

    Interview workshops and mock technical interviews will help you ace your post-bootcamp interviews.

  • Employer Outreach and Events

    Our team constantly reaches out to a growing network of employers, and hosts events such as Employer Demo Day and Speed Interviewing where you can meet employers and showcase your skills.

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programming boot camp graduates coding bootcamp graduates
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programming boot camp graduates coding bootcamp graduates
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Our students put their trust in us, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure that everyone coming into our program is set up for success.

Student Accessibility Services
At Lighthouse Labs, we’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive learning community. If you need help and support as a student, we’re here for you.

Visit our Student Accessibility Services FAQs to learn more.

  • Lighthouse Labs apply online

    Apply online

    A short 5-10 minute application for you to introduce yourself, including your education, previous experience, and your superpower. You know, the important details that help us get to know you. New cohorts fill up on a rolling basis, so make sure to submit your application as soon as possible!

  • coding bootcamp interview


    Our admissions team will get in touch (quickly!) after reviewing your application and invite you for an interview. During the interview, we'll discuss your background and post-bootcamp goals so we can get to know you better. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you might have. The interview is a chance for both of us to assess if this program is a fit for you.

  • coding bootcamp Prep Modules

    Prep Modules

    The first step to becoming a Data Scientist is laying good foundations with our Prep Modules. This free, self-paced online course will introduce you to the technologies and tools you’ll use throughout bootcamp, including Git, Github, Python and math concepts. You’re required to complete the Prep Modules before your first day of bootcamp.

Key Dates.

Once you are accepted into a cohort, your place in the program will only be reserved once we have received your deposit. Deposits can be paid by credit card, and we are able to accept wire transfers for the remainder of your tuition. Your tuition is due 2 weeks before your start date.

  • When to Apply

    6-10 weeks before your intended start date.

    For bootcamp, we recommend you apply 6-10 weeks before your desired start date as our cohorts start on a rolling basis. The more time you have for prep and stretch goals, the better!

  • Bootcamp

    Length: 12 weeks

    The mandatory 80hr prep modules must be completed at least one week before the start of Bootcamp.

  • Demo Day

    Final Week

    Present your final project to the masses!
    View past projects page here

Dollars & Start Dates

2023 Tuition


(Deposit: 10%)

Personalized, 1:1 career support from the team that’s achieved 90% employment rate for Data Science job-seeking grads.

  • Full-time Bootcamp
  • Demo Day
  • 3 Career Workshops
  • Lifetime Access to Job Resource
  • Personalized Job Searching
  • Networking on Behalf of Students

* All prices are in CAD. Taxes are included. 10% deposit is required to secure your spot.

* Dates are for the course duration and do not include the Prep Module.


  • What is the difference between Data Analytics and Data Science?

    Data analysts use past data to draw meaningful insights, identify trends, develop charts, solve problems and help businesses make more strategic decisions. They analyze well-defined sets of data using different tools to answer tangible business questions.

    Data Scientists estimate and predict the unknown by asking questions, writing algorithms, and building predictive models to help businesses make more strategic decisions. Data scientists are typically tasked with designing data modeling processes, as well as creating algorithms and predictive models to extract the information needed by an organization to solve complex problems.

  • What type of job can I expect to get after graduating from the Data Science Bootcamp?

    The relevance of data science skills to a career goes beyond traditional roles like data analysts and data scientists. Because of the increased digitization of practically every industry, and the explosion of available data, being well-versed in data can be a lucrative skill for nearly everyone.

    Depending on the performance of our graduates during Bootcamp and their previous related experiences and education, our successful grads will be equipped for any of the following roles at a junior level:

    • Data Scientist
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Systems Developers
    • Machine Learning Engineers
    • Data Ops / Engineers
  • Do I get a diploma upon graduation?

    While our philosophy is based around mastery and not credentials, we do provide our Bootcamp and Flex graduates with diplomas upon graduation.

  • Why is there a Prep Course before the start of the Bootcamp?

    The first step to becoming a data scientist is laying your basic foundation with our Prep Course. The 70 hours you’ll spend on completing preparatory work will introduce the basic technologies you’ll use to get you ready and set to learn in the classroom on Day 1.

  • Will I get a job after the Data Science program even if I have no prior background?

    Yes! You don’t need any experience in data science to succeed and be connected to employment afterward. This program will provide you with everything you need to work as a professional data scientist at an entry-level or junior position.

  • What is the difference between a Bootcamp and a Flex Program?

    Both bootcamps and flex programs cover the same material. Students of both will become familiar with the fundamentals concepts and techniques of their chosen program. The key difference between these delivery formats is the structure. A Flex program is a less concentrated program over a longer stretch of time, whereas a Bootcamp is more concentrated. These two programs both exist to accommodate a wider variety of student lifestyles, priorities, and preferred learning pace, so that students can strike a balance that works for them without compromising on quality.

  • Do I need to have experience in programming languages to take this Bootcamp?

    No previous data science, data analysis, or programming experience is required to attend Lighthouse Labs. As with our Web Development Bootcamp, every student needs some serious grit to excel (ha!) here, as well as a commitment to teamwork and a genuine interest in building their future career in business.

  • How do Bootcamps compare to traditional education, like a Data Analytics / Data Science degree?

    The Bootcamp educational model is built very differently from the way you learned in high school and/or university. Lighthouse Labs, practices a flipped, immersive model of education that puts the emphasis on the development of practical skills through building real-world applications using an incremental and cumulative collection of tools and best practices.

    Lectures take up a maximum of two and a half hours on any given day, with another eight to ten hours being spent each day working in a lab setting. You can expect to introduce yourself to new concepts through readings and exercises, getting your knowledge bolstered and backfilled with lectures throughout the week.

    It is our core belief that 70% of the learning should be done on the job and we’ve tailored every part of our program around it. Our curriculum is constantly iterated and updated by a community of passionate data science mentors based on feedback from employers, students, alumni, and industry trends. We won’t teach you everything about Data Science (that takes years of practice), but we will give you the foundation so you can continue learning in your new career as a Data Scientist as quickly as possible.