Deciding to enroll in bootcamp can be a difficult decision. It’s a decision that can be truly life-altering, opening up a range of opportunities to you. After you’re trained in digital skills, you’ll be able to benefit from the lucrativeness of the tech industry, or move up in other industries. But it also necessitates a weighty commitment. You’ll have to expend time, money, and focus on bootcamp.

When trying to decide whether bootcamp is right for you, you’ll naturally consult a variety of sources. Maybe you’ll download a curriculum package, speak to acquaintances, and look up forum discussions online. During this process of research, one of the most valuable pieces of intel to get is the expertise of others who have already gone through the program.

For all that we can tell you about our educational philosophies or what the day-to-day of bootcamp looks like, you’ll still want to talk to others like yourself who have been on the ground as a student.

We want to formalize this process of communication between curious researchers and former students. So we’re tapping into our engaged, supportive alumni community to establish a platform that allows you to connect with former students.

This platform is a place where you can connect with our alumni to extract that valuable intel you crave. Alumni will be there to chat with you, share the stories of their experiences, and answer any burning questions you have. Hearing about what bootcamp is like from those who know best will help you make informed decisions about your education and career path.

You won’t have to spend hours searching through internet forums, blogs, and groups to get the information you need any longer. This intuitive, easy-to-use process is as simple as selecting what kind of alumni you’d want to connect with and then chatting with them.

You’ll have the option to speak to alumni who have had experiences that align with your considerations. We have alumni ambassadors who have been international students and recent immigrants, who went through bootcamp as a parent, who made serious career changes, and who reskilled during the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter what area of consideration you’re looking for advice about, you’ll find someone to help.

Want to start connecting with our alumni?