This year, many of us have had extra time and space to reflect on our lives, our values, and our career trajectories. For some of us, this has led to positive changes in our lives. We’ve reflected on what we want our lives to look like, and started shifting things to accommodate the vision. For others, 2020 has meant a contemplation of how our lives got to where they are.

Either way, the transition into the new year is a great place to start connecting over our career paths, values, and transformational experiences. That’s why Lighthouse Labs’ Career Accelerator has decided to designate January as Mentorship Month. Discussions on the subject of mentorship are a great way to share wisdom, advice, experience, and values between job-seekers and industry pillars alike.

Throughout the month, we’ll be fostering reflections and conversations around mentorship through a social media campaign.

Lighthouse Labs and Mentorship

Mentorship might seem like a faraway concept to some of us. But we’ve all been mentored by others at various points in our careers; whether that’s a friend who answered our questions about an industry over social media, or a colleague who explained to us how a certain process worked. It’s easy to forget how important these moments are, and sometimes we might forget to show gratitude to these people.

Here at Lighthouse Labs, we know how important these acts of mentorship are to a successful career. That’s why we’ve centered mentorship in our education, pairing bootcamp students up with industry professionals who can mentor them. To raise awareness of the significance of mentorship, we’re using the Career Accelerator to facilitate a campaign for January.

The #MentorshipMonth Social Media Campaign

Throughout the month of January, we’re encouraging thought leaders and industry professionals to share their experiences with mentorship. The goal of this campaign is to build community, spread positivity and gratitude, and raise awareness of the importance of mentorship.

Starting January 4th, we’re encouraging you to share either a piece of mentorship advice that particularly helped you in your career, or a piece of advice you would give anyone who’s seeking a job or considering changing careers. When you share these pieces of advice over social media, we ask that you tag Lighthouse Labs and use the hashtag #MentorshipMonth.

If you’re excited about mentorship, log into your LinkedIn account and share your piece of career advice. When you share these thoughts, make sure you tag between 1 and 3 others who you think can contribute something valuable to the conversation. Tagging your own mentors in your post is a great way to show them you appreciate them.

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