Quantum Mob is a Toronto development agency that started in early 2016 working out of Devhub in Toronto. They have since grown to 12+ full-time employees. They were founded by Erich Reich and Eric Kim, who worked together at a previous job, and decided to go into business together.


What made you decide to first join Devhub in Toronto?

After a year of hopping from one Starbucks to another, we started to feel like nomads. It felt like a hustle, but it didn’t feel productive. Eventually, we realized to really make this work we’d need to have a place to call home and really pour all our efforts into it.

How did you originally hear about Devhub?

When we decided to find a space, we did our research. We Googled several spaces and started booking times to view. Devhub Toronto immediately stuck out to us. It had high ceilings, nice finishings, and we liked the student vibe of excitement for technology. Other spaces seemed dingy or boring by comparison.

How long did you remain in the Devhub space?

We stayed in Devhub for one year, but what a year! We came in as two people and left as 6. Having Devhub as a partner was crucial. They were there the whole time to help us grow our space as we needed at each stage.

Why did you decide to move on to a new office location?

It’s always sad to say goodbye, and this was no exception. We ended up moving on to a private office after Devhub. It was a combination of factors. One of our business partners was also on the market for an office and with our growth trajectory, it just came down to a numbers game.

How big is your development team now and what are their experience levels?

Currently, we have nine full-time developers. We find the experience isn’t quite as important a factor as ability and willingness to learn. With that in mind, we really have a range of experience. Some people have 10+ years and some are recent graduates or interns.

What technologies or languages/stack does your development team use?

We primarily work in the Javascript stack. NodeJS on the backend and React/Angular/Vue on the front-end. We’ve also done a few mobile apps in React Native and when we really can’t avoid it, more enterprise languages like Java or C#.

How did you get involved with hiring a Lighthouse grad? What types of roles have you hired Lighthouse Labs graduates for?

One of our clients specifically asked us to hire a junior developer. We remembered our great experience with Lighthouse. While the role started with QA tasks, the grad has performed excellently and has been automating the tests using JavaScript and taking on more and more development.

Any other quirky facts about you or your company that you would like to share?

We enjoyed sneaking onto your patio for barbeques [back when Lighthouse Labs was at 46 Spadina Avenue near the base of the CN Tower] to enjoy that view :P

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