Career Accelerator

The world of work has gone through major changes in these last few months. Millions of people have lost their jobs and we’ve been accelerated into a digital world we anticipated seeing years down the road. The abrupt changes we’ve experienced have flipped work as we once knew it on its head– challenging many of us to rethink our careers.

As a tech education company with 6+ years of experience helping people jumpstart their careers in tech – we realize we have a critical role to play in making tech a more accessible industry. In April, we launched our COVID-19 Scholarship – committing to $500,000 in scholarships to offer partial tuition coverage to help recipients develop skills that allow them to launch new careers and get back to work during these unsettling times. However, we know that making a career change is a big decision that requires a lot more than just financial support. With this in mind, we are excited to launch the Career Accelerator.

The mission of the Career Accelerator is to provide support for individuals navigating a career change into technology. With an alumni community of almost 3,000 and a network of over 500 hiring partners in the tech industry – we are in a unique position to provide the most relevant events, resources, and workshops from on the ground.

Who is it for?

The Career Accelerator is for anyone who is curious about a career in the tech industry.

Technology is an industry that requires diverse backgrounds, skill sets, ways of working, and thinking. The tech industry does not only have logical, number-oriented thinkers and detail-oriented problem solvers. It is also full of creative visionaries, empathetic leaders, and collaborative workers. Wherever you are coming from, there is a place for you in tech. The Career Accelerator is designed to help you get there.

How do you get involved?

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Upcoming events

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon. Check out our calendar of upcoming events here: