As our programs are now available in an interactive online live format, we transformed our Demo Day by taking it online.

Demo Day is a special day for our graduating Bootcamp students. After 12 weeks of intense and hands-on learning, groups of students showcase their final projects to potential employers as well as Lighthouse Labs’ community members including friends, family, alumni, and other students.

Previously, Demo Days were conducted locally at our campuses by hosting upwards of 100 people at each location; however, with our new approach, we went digital here's how it went:

Total attendees: 614

Student groups: 18 teams from Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria

The 3 main components of Demo Day were:

  1. Stage: Students showcased their projects live to audiences where people can interact with chats and emojis. Watch a segment of the stage in action by clicking the photo below:

Demo Day

  1. Sessions: Before and after the main stage presentations, students were in their session rooms where anyone could join the rooms and talk about the projects. This was mainly used by employers and recruiters to reach out to graduates and also by other community members to chat with the presenters.

  2. Booths: Our representatives were answering any questions live. Topics covered included full-time Bootcamp programs, part-time programs, scholarship programs, and of course, hiring students.

For those who attended, thank you for being part of our growing community. If you are interested in joining our next Demo Day, sign up to our newsletter for the latest news, events, and offers at Lighthouse Labs.

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