Our most recent Career Trajectory Report is finally here! This unique report details the full extent of the journeys of (nearly) all our graduates’ careers, all the way back to 2013 when Lighthouse Labs had just beamed onto the bootcamp landscape. We went straight to the source, reaching out to our over 3200 alumni to gather as much information as we could to see just how their road from bootcamp to boss had played out and 757 responded. Their responses and stories inspired us to create this report showcasing that bootcamp was a catalyst for their transformative journeys to stable, well-compensated, and fulfilling careers, with 80% of respondents still pursuing a career in their program of study.

Bootcamp is just the beginning

When we started Lighthouse Labs, people looking to become professional developers were looking at, on average, a three-year program to break onto the tech scene. That may not be a problem for the freshly-minted high school graduate, but that’s simply way too long for adults who are looking to make big (and we mean BIG) changes in their lives.

That’s why we put together 12 and 30 week programs to be the head start they were looking for to a career that aligns passion with a paycheck. Our reskilling programs are designed so that anyone, from anywhere, and with any background can make a change in their career path - from grocery store managers to thrift shop employees. Since career development for those in the tech industry never stops, we also offer upskilling programs so those who are already on their way can accelerate their advancement.

Our grads came to us with varying motivations, from looking for more job stability to wanting a more flexible schedule. Whatever their main goal was, we consistently blew those expectations out of the water. Not only did 90% of graduates get jobs in their area of study, but they’re also seeing rapid career growth with 52% making over $100,000 a year just four years out.

Graduates leave bootcamps having learned the necessary soft and hard skills that lead them to careers that have the flexibility to move around and have a global impact.

Growing Still

We sure have a lot to celebrate in this report, but we’re not done yet. While statistics are nice, we’re looking to the future, forming partnerships with underrepresented and underserved communities, leveling the playing field for all. We’re also expanding our upskilling courses for professionals already in the industry so they can keep moving up in a ceiling-free career. Read the full report to get all the details and read personal stories from grads to see how far they’ve come and where they’re headed.