10 Reasons to Hire a Tech Grad From Lighthouse Labs Hiring a new grad comes with pros and cons. On one hand, all businesses can benefit from hiring new talent to rejuvenate the workplace and bring new ideas to the table. On the other hand, choosing a candidate from a large pool of applicants might mean you end up with someone who isn't quite right for your business needs and culture fit.

So, how can employers ensure they hire the best web developers or cyber security specialists of the future? At Lighthouse Labs, we train and nurture ambitious people looking to make their mark on the tech industry. Our grads are a great value-add to any team and are motivated, results-oriented, and ready to face any challenge.

Need a little more convincing? Here are 10 reasons to hire a tech grad from Lighthouse Labs:

1. Our graduates are job-ready

While many new graduates are skilled at passing university tests, many lack the skills required to thrive in the workplace. For example, while a graduate with a math major may have the brainpower to solve complex problems, they may be missing knowledge of the tech industry and key issues affecting the sector. Our grads are ready to hit the ground running thanks to our sector-aligned courses. We encourage students to tackle real-world projects during their time with us, working in groups which mimics the often collaborative nature of the tech workspace. This ensures they gain the practical skills necessary to put their learning into action.

2. We have rigorous admissions processes and testing

We ensure each candidate is program-ready through a rigorous admissions process that assesses applicants’ motivation and intelligence. Once our students are enrolled, we conduct frequent tests and offer on-demand mentorship to ensure they’re prepared to thrive in the workforce.

3. Our graduates are diverse and hold a range of perspectives

At Lighthouse Labs, we aim to train a diverse study body. As well as skilling those new to the world of work, our graduates also join us from previous careers including marketing, retail, the music industry, and healthcare. As such, many graduates can offer unique perspectives based on their diverse backgrounds and dynamic experiences in other sectors. Whatever qualities you’re looking for, we have graduates ready to harness their abilities to benefit your organization.

4. Our graduates learn cutting-edge skills

The tech industry is constantly changing, meaning workers must keep up with new trends if they want to make an impact and succeed in a competitive job market. Fortunately, we equip our graduates with the tools, languages, and platform-specific knowledge they need to navigate the contemporary tech world and solve some of its trickiest problems.

5. A stellar history of graduate success

Over 4,000 professionals have graduated from a wide range of Lighthouse Labs’ programs, including our Web Development Program, Data Science Program, Data Analytics Program, and Cyber Security Program. Graduates are now working for top employers like Amazon, the NFL, BC Children’s Hospital, and Telus in a variety of esteemed roles, like security analysts, back- and front-end developers, business analysts, data analysts, and many more.

6. Lighthouse Labs offers life-long support

Lighthouse Labs graduates receive continued support from our helpful team, including Career Services, a highly engaged alumni network, and life-long curriculum access. As such, our graduates continue to develop their skills following graduation, ensuring they become the best tech workers on the market.

7. Our graduates are natural learners

People who undertake and complete a Lighthouse Labs Program are determined to learn new things and enrich their skillset. With many students from non-tech careers or unrelated degree programs, they have a developed passion for the tech world, as well as the motivation to continually learn and improve.

8. Graduates are primed for the world of remote work

Our programs are online, meaning students learn best practices surrounding remote work. In addition to learning to stay on task and complete projects remotely, our graduates understand the technical aspects of attending remote lectures, working collaboratively online, and maintaining strong lines of communication with colleagues.

9. Our graduates learn sophisticated soft skills from our programs

We know that today’s employers require more than hard technical skills – they also need employees to have soft skills such as teamwork, communication, creativity, adaptability, leadership, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence. Our programs help students hone these skills through collaborative projects, peer review processes, and interactions with instructors, mentors, and classmates. By hiring a Lighthouse Labs graduate, you’ll add a dedicated, collaborative, and growth-ready employee to your roster.

10. Lighthouse Labs is here to support your hiring process

Lighthouse Labs isn’t just a specialist tech education provider – it’s also a dedicated matchmaker for tech graduates and organizations. Our Careers Services team is on hand to create a carefully selected list of potential new hires that meet your specific needs. No matter how niche your request is, we’re ready to match you with your next front-end developer, data expert, or cyber security expert.

As well as lining candidates up for interviews, we offer a Wage Subsidy Program, giving employers access to funding that covers at least part of new-hires’ wages and other employment-related costs. If you’re looking to reduce the costs of hiring new employees while saving time and empowering the next generation of tech talent, we’re here to help. Ready to get started? Fill out our quick online form, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Celebrating 10 years of Lighthouse Labs

Did you know Lighthouse Labs has been nurturing talented tech graduates for a whole decade? We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 10th anniversary this year – a milestone that has prompted us to consider our many achievements over the past few years. We’ve launched a host of industry-leading products, iterated our curriculums to ensure industry alignment, and worked hard to promote accessibility within the tech sector.

Our achievements couldn’t have been reached without government partnerships that helped fund our programs, including intensive bootcamps and part-time courses for those with other goals. The past decade also saw the introduction of accessibility initiatives designed to accommodate those with specific needs and learning styles. We believe that a diverse workforce is a strong workforce, and will continue to help people across a range of abilities and backgrounds embrace the tech careers of which they’ve always dreamed.

Here’s to another decade of revolutionary tech education! To discover more about Lighthouse Labs and start your journey with us today, don’t hesitate to browse our website.

This article is brought to as part of ICT Boost initiative, funded by the Government of Canada's Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program. The ICT Boost Initiative is now full and no longer accepting applications for fully funded programs.