It’s with breathless excitement that we convey to you this especially important announcement: the all-new 21-Day Data Challenge starts today! Every day from today onwards to March 9th, a challenge will go up that invites you to learn some quintessential data science skills.

Impatient to get playing and learning about data? Here are the basics you need to know about the 21-Day Data Challenge:

  • 21 days of daily challenges
  • 10-30 minutes a day each
  • Learn fundamental data science skills
  • Earn chances to win several sweet prizes
  • Play alone or as part of a team
  • Use the forum and resources for help

Ready to get started with the 21DDC?

Learn Data Science Skills in an Engaging Way

The 21DDC’s 21 consecutive days of challenges are designed to invite participants to build up a daily data science habit. As you play through the challenges, you’ll be navigating through an engaging and fun storyline. Participants will be assisting the protagonist, Dot, as Dot attempts to adjust to a new off-the-grid lifestyle.

Through repairing a cabin, purchasing a cow, and getting involved in agriculture, you’ll learn fundamental data science skills with Python, pandas, and Matplotlib. Each daily challenge will only take 10-30 minutes a day. In half an hour or less, you can start your journey to data science mastery.

Earn More Chances to Win Sweet Prizes

Plus, you’ll be working through the challenges while earning entries towards great prizes, like:

  • Peloton bike kit
  • iPad
  • Gift cards
  • Macbook
  • Sonos home speaker
  • Much, much more

With every challenge you beat, you’ll earn an entry into the daily prize draw. Beat every challenge? You’ll be entered into a finalist prize draw as well. At the end of the challenge, we have our special grand prize draw as well as draws for team prizes. There’s so much to win! I bet you can see now why we’re so excited.

Get Help From Teams, the Forum, and Our Resources

You can go it alone through the 21DDC, or do it with friends. Join a team or create your own and you can share tips and insights with your team, and pool your points together for a shot at a special team prize.

Even if you’re passing through the challenges alone, you won’t really be on your own. You’ll always have access to the 21DDC forum, where you can seek help from other participants as well as Lighthouse Labs mentors. Plus, we’ve made sure to stuff the 21DDC full of helpful resources.

Ready to get started?